Why Role Play is Educational
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Ask that question to a young child and not only will you hear answers like pilot, superhero, astronaut, ballerina, movie star, doctor and firefighter, but the child will usually scamper off to get the hat, cape, space suit, tutu, sunglasses or fire helmet needed to illustrate their chosen career.

As parents and caregivers, we know the coveted place that role-playing and dress-up holds in the lives of our children, but in addition to being just plain fun, imaginative role-play is one of the most important play patterns for your children.

Who doesn't remember turning their bath towel into a makeshift cape and battling all manner of beasts and bad guys from the safety of our bedrooms? We didn't know that we were onto something and probably neither did our parents; we just knew that it was fun to pretend to be someone else.

Benefits Beyond the Toy Box

Children who make up plots and characters through role-play not only smile more, but are engaged in activities that build a stronger sense of self-confidence. Child development experts agree that dress-up play not only stimulates imagination, it can also be tracked to improved vocabulary and social skills.

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