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Rapunzel Braid Headband in Blonde
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair..." with this gorgeous and realistic Rapunzel Braid Headband. The hair piece is a sturdy headband with an attached braid made from soft, silky fibers with beautiful lavender ribbon accented with pink and lavender satin roses intertwined in the braid. The braid is 30" long. Surely Rapunzel will escape her tower now as she lets down her hair for her handsome rescuer.
Elsa Wig for Girls
Loving this delightful Elsa Wig! It's so soft and the color is so pretty! Jewel snowflakes are included and can be removed and worn in real hair!.

Brave Princess Merida Wig
Goldilocks will be jealous of these bright red tresses! We love the super stretchy cap that fits just right on a child. It's shiny, red and curly and so fun for little girls pretending to be the brave princess Merida!
Moana Wig for Girls
This wig is as thick and full as Moana's beautiful hair! It's super long, super wavy and surprisingly soft. It has long layers that help it lay nicely and doesn't tangle easily. She's ready for her adventure...make way!
Snow White Wig for Girls
This super cute wig includes the red ribbon. Tease the bangs however you like! So cute!
Belle Wig for Girls
This wig is amazingly soft! Style it any way you like. We've chosen our favorite way to show you.
Rapunzel Braided Wig with Flowers
It takes a lot of imagination to play Rapunzel without the all important hair! Look closely, this wig even has a brown streak in it! If you don't know why that's important, Rapunzel must not be the current craze at your house. It fits most children from about age 3 and up. And it's a whopping 23" from the base of the neck to the bottom.

Jasmine Wig for Girls
We love the permanent hairstyle of this wig! It stays in place...even the ribbons and jewel are attached. She'll look like Jasmine in an instant!