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Baby Reversible Bat and Spider Cape
New Item!!! More info coming soon!
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Green Vintage Nightgown
SHIPS EARLY SEPTEMBER! This nightgown is made of the HIGHEST QUALITY FABRIC. Green, ultra soft Tricot fabric. She'll think it feels softer than silk and it won't damage easily. They are extremely resilient and fire resistant. And look at the sleeves...they are layered that way on purpose! The style is made for mobility and her arms won't be restricted when she bounces up and down in this luxury night gown! This nightgown Is washable and guaranteed to be comfortable and durable.
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DISCONTINUED - RETIRED! Lilac Fairy Princess Dress
This adorable little dress just didn't turn out to be as comfortable as we thought it would be. The waist can be a little itchy but perfect when worn with a leotard or under shirt! Hence, we have to retire it but you win with this amazing price! Our Lilac Fairy Princess Dress features layers of soft tulle tutu attached to a stretchy bodice. The bodice is perfectly sparkly and although the whole dress shines, you won't find any glitter in your house. As always, it's washable, and durable!

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Little Red Riding Hood Dress
Head on over to granny's house in this dress...Red Riding Hood did!! Pair it with our red cloak and you've got yourself a whole lot of story play. You will love that this is washable and must be if she plans to head through the woods in it. She will love how comfortable it is to wear! No glitter.

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Mary Poppins Disneybound Outfit
She's practically perfect in every way! This set of "everyday clothes" is a complete head turner wherever she goes but is especially perfect for an outing to the Disney parks. We love it for hot weather because of the sleeveless blouse . This set INCLUDES the blouse (with cute red bow), skirt, and gloves. And check out that blouse! The lace, dainty bow and pearl buttons are reminiscent of most traveling nannies these days. It's our favorite Disneybounding outfit...clothes (not costumes) paired together to emulate your favorite characters! Hat available separately.

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Grab Bag: 2 Slightly Flawed Tank/Play Dresses **FINAL SALE**
We have a LIMITED NUMBER of slightly flawed tank dresses. Note: You may receive a style that is NOT pictured. Read on to find out more!!!

We'll choose 2 dresses for you from our Disneybound Tank (tank sleeves) and Play (cap sleeves) dresses. There are so few that we don't take requests here, but PLEASE DO contact us if you would like to find out what styles are in your size. At that time you can make a request so you don't get a duplicate of what you already have.

Grab Bag Tanks are dresses that aren't quite perfect enough to sell as usual but are plenty adorable for kid-play! The "Flaws" are minor. We've already donated anything that is not structurally sound (like an unrepairable hole). Flaws you might find are discoloration, small blemishes, fading fabric, missed stitches, slight off-centering. The flaws will be noticeable when examined but we think the dresses are still great for summer play and even pictures. Plus how can you beat that price? Due to the low, low pricing structure (and FREE Shipping!), no returns/exchanges will be accepted, even for sizing problems. But trust us, they're great! In order to put this item at it's lowest sale price, we will not be applying rewards points for its purchase.

Sizing Guide:
This dress fits true to size but slightly short. Choose size depending on the length you want.

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Apple Princess Tutu Dress
A classic princess dress with a fun modern twist. This highly anticipated dress is a show stopper! It is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. It's ultra comfortable and has a stretchy knit lining. Our character tutu dresses are designed to not only serve as comfortable dress up, but also subtle enough for school, church, outings, or any occasion. It's the perfect dress for a theme park vacation, Halloween costume, or princess birthday. So many possibilities!

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Adult Cinderella Dress with Fullness Slip - CLEARANCE!
This timeless blue satin Cinderella dress is sophisticated and beautiful. We love the pearly white peplum that sits at the waist and the sparkly silver print that won't shed glitter all over you. The back of the dress features a lace-up corset to ensure a perfect fit.

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