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Angel Nativity Costume
This sweet angel consists of a long white robe with a stretchy gold sequin belt and matching headband. The white and gold wings are also included. The robe is made of washable and durable stretch velvet.

$25.99 $20.79 Sale
Donkey Nativity Costume
This special Donkey had a big job to do. He's a must have for your nativity activity! The donkey is a one piece vest with attached hood. You'll love the little tail and ears that hang down. It is a one size fits most from ages 3-8 and is very accommodating with it's stretchy material and Velcro front. Fits like a vest. Completely washable.

$25.99 $20.79 Sale
Green Wiseman Nativity Costume
The Green Wiseman has 3 pieces. It consists of a long green robe, a satin headwrap and a stretchy headband to keep it in place. It is all washable and durable and great for ages 3-8.

$25.99 $20.79 Sale
Burgundy Wiseman Nativity Costume
This Wiseman costume includes the long robe and coordinating headwrap. All of it is washable and durable for ages 3-8.

$25.99 $20.79 Sale
Shepherd Nativity Costume
The Shepherd costume is made of comfortable, stretchy fabrics and comes with a characteristic headband. Fits best on ages 3-8.

$25.99 $20.79 Sale
Deluxe Red Princess Cloak with Hood
Our Deluxe Red Princess Cloak with Hood is so lovely and rich in color. Your little one will feel just like Little Red Riding Hood, all you will need is a basket and someone to play the Big Bad Wolf. This has an easy to open and close velcro closure. Plus it's got a big beautiful red bow, and it's so comfortable, you may have to peel it off.

Deluxe Swashbuckling Pirate Captain
This dress-up is everything a pirate is NOT...adorable, comfortable, washable, durable...okay maybe pirates are durable. It's also itch-free and that's a must because pirates don't have time scratching...especially ones with hooks. You are going to be amazed with the quality of this top and pants: The fabrics, the sewing, the trims, are all astonishing. We guarantee it. Literally, we guarantee us if you are anything but delighted. Some of the elements we're most delighted about are the ruffled cuff sleeves, the detailed trims, and the faux buckle!

Wizard Wand
This wavy, plastic wand features a dark brown handle and a wooden-inspired tip. It's 18 inches long and with a couple of shakes, your child will be able to perform a variety of magical spells (spells not guaranteed). Whether you're a young witch or wizard, you'll want to choose the perfect wand for your next adventure!

$12.99 $9.00 Sale
Mystery Tween Dress - Size 10 or 12
It's a SURPRISE! Trust us, you'll love it!

We are going to send you one of our popular princess dresses for your size 10 or 12 girl and we promise not to send one you already have (just list them below). It'll be washable, durable and comfortable (guaranteed).

First order from us? Perfect timing...we have some overstock to clear out and you're getting a VERY rare deal. Enjoy!
Super-Duper Tutu, Cape and Mask
**FINAL SALE** This Super-Duper Tutu, Cape, & Mask Set is AMAZING! Waistbands are fabric wrapped for a nice finish & comfort (no scratching here). The emblems on the back of the cape is embroidered around the edges for a nice finish. The pink holographic cape is lined for a complete elegant finish. There are star and lightning bolt accents on the skirts with a small pc of round felt on the back to hold them securely to the tulle. The skirts have a peplum and two layers of tulle with a fantastic crinkle metallic bottom lining layer. The masks are double-sided and have a lightning bolt feature to match the set perfectly. Unfortunately, it didn't pass our rigorous vetting process because it does have a small amount of glitter. But maybe this is no problem for you!

$31.99 $21.99 Sale
Choose 2 Puffy Sticker Books
Each set comes with 2 sticker dolls and outfits and accessories to mix and match on 2 scenes (front and back) for each set. The sturdy, foldable scenes have handles for easy carrying. These are great for imaginative, quiet play in waiting rooms, restaurants and traveling.
$11.98 $10.78 Sale
Retired - Starlight Wizard Hat
We have stars in our eyes with this one! This hat features stars in a colorful universe of crushed velvet setting the mood for proper wizardry. It's made with a layer of foam so that it sits tall and upright. Super fun with NO glitter! And mom, you'll love that it's comfortable, durable and completely machine washable.
$11.99 $9.00 Sale
Grab Bag: 2 Slightly Flawed Tank/Play Dresses **FINAL SALE**
We have a LIMITED NUMBER of slightly flawed tank dresses. Note: You may receive a style that is NOT pictured. Read on to find out more!!!

We'll choose 2 dresses for you from our Disneybound Tank (tank sleeves) and Play (cap sleeves) dresses. There are so few that we don't take requests here, but PLEASE DO contact us if you would like to find out what styles are in your size. At that time you can make a request so you don't get a duplicate of what you already have.

Grab Bag Tanks are dresses that aren't quite perfect enough to sell as usual but are plenty adorable for kid-play! The "Flaws" are minor. We've already donated anything that is not structurally sound (like an unrepairable hole). Flaws you might find are discoloration, small blemishes, fading fabric, missed stitches, slight off-centering. The flaws will be noticeable when examined but we think the dresses are still great for summer play and even pictures. Plus how can you beat that price? Due to the low, low pricing structure (and FREE Shipping!), no returns/exchanges will be accepted, even for sizing problems. But trust us, they're great! In order to put this item at it's lowest sale price, we will not be applying rewards points for its purchase.

Sizing Guide:
This dress fits true to size but slightly short. Choose size depending on the length you want.

$39.98 $22.00 Sale