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Why Kids Love Pretend Play

why kids love pretend play

Playing pretend never goes out of vogue with children.

Once upon a time, there was a rat pack of a grandmother who never threw anything away. She rummaged through her closets and dresser drawers, clamored through her attic and ventured down into her basement, collecting a massive collection of clothing from the past, including Halloween costumes, prom dresses, cheerleader outfits, football gear and dance costumes, that she bestowed on her granddaughter, who beamed as if she had been presented the Hope Diamond.
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Ways to Store Your Child's Dress Up Clothes

how to store your dress up clothes

Solutions for how to store dress up clothes and staying tidy are simple...

Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess, and every little boy aspires to be a superhero. If you’ve indulged their fantasies, you’ve likely ended up with a colorful pile of costumes and accessories.
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Why Most Girls Relate to Fairytale Princesses

why girls love fairytale princesses
Girls love fairy tale princesses and the fantasy is a right of passage for many

It comes as no surprise to most parents when their little girl announces she wants to grow up to be one of the fairy tale princesses. Many will humor her with an adorable princess dress and tiara, a magic wand, too, if their dream world calls for fairy dust. The princess phase comes over so many young girls that it's almost expected, but why?
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