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Snow White Tank Dress
We are in love with our new Tank Dresses! They are so soft and perfect for warm weather dress-up play. Enjoy this great price on super-soft, super-stretchy, character inspired dresses. (I hope you get to wear them to the Disney parks and take lots and lots of pics! And if not....perfect for summer anyway).

Happy Boa - Red
This might replace her favorite blanket. Not's that soft and snuggly. We think it's called a Happy Boa because it makes you so happy. It's washable with no itchy feathers, which also means no mess! It's sensory friendly and allergy free! 60 in. long...and did we mention soft?

In love?! Want more than one color? Click HERE to get 3 for $33

Happy Boa - Yellow
These boas are basically the softest wearables we have. This yellow featherless boa is so fun to touch and the perfect yellow blend. We think it's called a Happy Boa because it makes you so happy. It's washable with no itchy feathers, which also means no mess! It's sensory friendly and allergy free! 60 in. long...and did we mention soft?

In love?! Want more than one color? Click HERE to get 3 for $33

Adult Snow White Dress
Romantic and feminine, the red bodice is gathered and surrounded by intricate gold detailed edges. We love the stretchy blue velvet bodice-it feels amazing! The yellow satin skirt lies delicately underneath. The ruffled white collar sits up along the backside of the neck. Short pouf sleeves are detailed with red, navy and gold fabric creating a royal look. The back of the dress features a lace-up corset to ensure a perfect fit.

Snow White Wig for Girls
This super cute wig includes the red ribbon. Tease the bangs however you like! So cute!

Twirly Girl Snow White Dress
Completely spin-able...made of a full circle of fabric! And as you would expect from us, it's washable, durable and wearable (no itch). We love the little apple details. And look at that little collar!

Snow White Nightgown with Robe
Going to bed is going to get more exciting! The soft and silky fabric has finished seams and hems, making it ideal for sleep and play! We love that the nightgown is stretchy to fit various body shapes and sizes. And she'll love the bodice embellished with a quaint little house in an enchanted forest! A matching red sheer robe completes the look and is made to fit perfectly over the nightgown. Let the bedtime adventures begin!

Apple Princess Tutu Dress
A classic princess dress with a fun modern twist. This highly anticipated dress is a show stopper! It is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. It's ultra comfortable and has a stretchy knit lining. Our character tutu dresses are designed to not only serve as comfortable dress up, but also subtle enough for school, church, outings, or any occasion. It's the perfect dress for a theme park vacation, Halloween costume, or princess birthday. So many possibilities!

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Create Your Own 3 Dress Princess Set
Purchase your princesses dress ups in threes! One for a birthday, one for Halloween, and one for Christmas! Or as one customer suggested: "One for every day at Disneyland"! You'll get them at a special price for buying them together - 15% less than individual pricing. Choose any size combination you need and then choose your favorite 3 dresses (good luck narrowing it down!).
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Snow White Princess Dress Up Costume
Not only is this princess dress up Glitter-Free, but the details on it are incredible. Take a close up look at the bodice. Those are actually little red bows stretched across a light blue velvet...our favorite detail! And notice the gold designs on the front panel of the skirt...isn't that stunning how they change at the bottom?!

Stretch velvet and china silk make this Snow White beautiful AND comfortable as well! With no itchy seams or underskirts and no buttons, zippers or Velcro to mess with. Your little Snow White can dress herself!

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Snow White Child and Doll Dress Set
Your little princess will absolutely love dressing up to match her favorite doll. These are finely detailed Snow White dresses with gold ribbons and trims. The luxurious bodice is made from stretch velvet. The bottom is made from yellow China Silk which is a 100% polyester satin type fabric with a beautiful sheen. It's made to fit 18" dolls (and most smaller baby dolls and stuffed animals as well). Doll not included. And of course they are washable, comfortable and glitter free!

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Snow White Headband
Our Snow White Headband is so adorable, she will want to wear it everyday. Wrapped in cherry red ribbon, adorned with a bow. It's so comfortable and soft, it will be difficult to get it off for bath time. Make it part of an ensemble by getting a Snow White or Beauty dress and cloak!

Classic Fullness Slip
This ingenious slip adds fullness without sacrificing comfort. The unique polypropylene fabric is soft and supple yet keeps a full, rounded shape. This removes the need for bulky, itchy tulle as it adds fullness in one layer while remaining comfy and shapely. It's its own separate piece (not sewn in) so you can buy 1 and wear it under any of our dresses!

S, M, L, XL do not describe the amount of "fullness" but instead, are size options. Choose the same slip size as you do dress size to get the right length. The elastic waist will accommodates a variety of sizes and the tulle can be trimmed if needed.

Deluxe Red Princess Cloak with Hood
Our Deluxe Red Princess Cloak with Hood is so lovely and rich in color. Your little one will feel just like Little Red Riding Hood, all you will need is a basket and someone to play the Big Bad Wolf. This has an easy to open and close velcro closure. Plus it's got a big beautiful red bow, and it's so comfortable, you may have to peel it off.

DELUXE Snow White Dress Up
How do we start explaining all the stunning details of this dress?!! You'll have to just view them all in the picture: start with the...Soft sheer skirt with gold foil applique...Red ribbon puff sleeve accents...Red gem and ruched fabric surrounded by gold designs. As with all of our is Washable, Durable, Comfortable and has No Shedding Glitter!

Snow White Doll Dress
As beautiful and elegant as the larger child's version, this beautiful Snow White Doll Dress is sure to please. Even the tiny bows and trim are a perfect replica. Now she'll just need seven teensy dwarfs to go with it! She'll "whistle while she works" with a little buddy by her side. Dress is easy on/off and is machine washable. It is made for 18" dolls but fits very well on larger dolls and stuffed animals. Doll not included.

Long Red Princess Gloves
Our long red princess gloves will match any of our Beauty princess dress. They are 15 inches long . These are beautiful and elegant yet are made just like our princess dresses to last through many Tea Parties, Princess Balls and other fun events your little one can dream up!