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Purple Amulet Princess Dress
Even a "commoner" can be a princess in our darling Amulet princess dress. And it will not even matter if she gets a little messy at the royal training academy because, her dress is... Machine Washable! With lovely detail from the sparkly trim to the beautiful amulet on the bodice (zoom in), this SOFT, COMFY (all-caps for emphasis) dress is sure to be a hit with your "princess in the making". You're going to love that it's glitter-free and she's going to love that it's comfortable!

Classic Fullness Slip
This ingenious slip adds fullness without sacrificing comfort. The unique polypropylene fabric is soft and supple yet keeps a full, rounded shape. This removes the need for bulky, itchy tulle as it adds fullness in one layer while remaining comfy and shapely. It's its own separate piece (not sewn in) so you can buy 1 and wear it under any of our dresses!

S, M, L, XL do not describe the amount of "fullness" but instead, are size options. Choose the same slip size as you do dress size to get the right length. The elastic waist will accommodates a variety of sizes and the tulle can be trimmed if needed.

DELUXE Purple Amulet Princess Dress
This Deluxe Amulet dress is fit for a (new) princess! The gorgeous triple layered skirt features: 1) soft purple china silk, 2) shimmery sheer lavender fabric and 3) drapes adorned with a sparkly white flower. And of course the three layers are sewn together at an inner seam that is covered by soft fabric-because comfort is key!

The bodice is made from soft stretchy velvet and is accented with three lovely purple amulets (no necklace needed!). Last item to note: the cap sleeves puff up without any elastic (secret design) so there is no arm squeezing!

And as with all our dresses, it’s machine washable. You will love that it does not have any glitter that will shed all over your house. She will love that it is comfortable!

Preschool Favorites Princess Bundle Set
Have a preschool princess on your hands? Chances are dressing up is her favorite thing to do! So here you go...a princess package designed with all her favorite princess characters. These are hand chosen TV and movie favorites that we know the little preschoolers love (of course they come in bigger sizes too). Included is our Beauty (number 1 best seller for 10 years), our Polynesian Princess, our Ice Queen and our Latina Princess Dresses. The dresses have no velcro or zippers to frustrate your little one or to snag the fabric. She can easily put them on and take them off herself as the bodices are made of a very stretchy fabric. This not only helps with ease of dressing, but also to accommodate a variety of sizes. You'll love that they are all washable, durable, comfortable and won't shed glitter!

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Happy Boa - Purple
This boa is the best of the best! We can't even begin to describe how soft it is...bunnies, baby bottoms, that kind of thing. We think it's called a Happy Boa because it makes you so happy. It's washable with no itchy feathers, which also means no mess! It's sensory friendly and allergy free! 60 in. long...and did we mention soft?

In love?! Want more than one color? Click HERE to get 3 for $33

Happy Boa - White
Pretty much the closest thing to clouds that you'll wrap around your neck. We think it's called a Happy Boa because it makes you so happy. It's washable with no itchy feathers, which also means no mess! It's sensory friendly and allergy free! 60 in. long...and did we mention soft?

In love?! Want more than one color? Click HERE to get 3 for $33

Sofia the First Tank Dress
We are in love with our new Tank Dresses! They are so soft and perfect for warm weather dress-up play. Enjoy this great price on super-soft, super-stretchy, character inspired dresses. (I hope you get to wear them to the Disney parks and take lots and lots of pics! And if not....perfect for summer anyway).

Create Your Own 3 Dress Princess Set
Purchase your princesses dress ups in threes! One for a birthday, one for Halloween, and one for Christmas! Or as one customer suggested: "One for every day at Disneyland"! You'll get them at a special price for buying them together - 15% less than individual pricing. Choose any size combination you need and then choose your favorite 3 dresses (good luck narrowing it down!).
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Purple Amulet Princess Doll Dress
Just in case she needs a buddy to take with her to princess lessons, your princess can bring along a friend dressed just like her in our Purple Amulet Doll Dress. From the short puffy sleeves to the flower and scroll, trim it matches our child's dress perfectly. It fits most 16"-20" dolls or plush toys and of course it's machine washable too! (doll not included).

Purple Amulet Princess Child and Doll Dress Set
You're considering this discounted set because your daughter LOVES Sofia the First. But you should also consider it because of the beautiful details all over the dresses (zoom in) and the deep purple that is even more stunning in person. Both dresses are easy to put on (she can do it herself) with an over-the-head stretchy velvet top for her and a velcro back for the doll. They are also both washable, durable and not itchy. You will love that the dress does not have glitter that sheds and she will love how comfortable it is! The doll's dress fits 18" dolls and other baby dolls and stuffed animals. Doll not included.

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Purple Princess Cone Hat
This princess cone hat coordinates especially well with the fabrics and accents of our beautiful Rapunzel and Amulet gowns. Two long cascading scarves flow from the tip and the front has a beautiful princess crown design with a beautiful jewel sewn in. This cone shaped hat is made of quality velvet, fused directly to a soft, sturdy inner foam core and attaches with soft elastic under the chin. It is washable too!

Purple Jewel and Pearl Wand
Just look at the details of this Purple Jewel and Pearl Wand! Three different types of ribbons, three different styles of beads, a bow, a jewel and a hanging diamond bead are just the start. It is a great combination to our Purple Jewel and Pearl Tiara and any of our purple dresses. It's perfect for casting magical princess spells and adding sparkle to her princess ensemble. Purple princess wand is made with high quality craftsmanship and materials as are all our products.