top 10 princesses girls want to be

We can try to raise our kids as gender-neutral as possible, but at a certain point we have to face facts. Most little girls love princesses. They love dressing up like princesses, watching them in movies and TV shows and playing with princess dolls.

Like it or not, most little girls harbor a secret (or not so secret!) wish to become one their favorite royal heroines. So which are the princesses girls want to be? Here are the top ten Disney royal stars that bring stars to your daughters’ eyes.

10. Cinderella

Long before there was a Disney Cinderella, this hapless victim of a cruel step-family captured the imagination of little girls. But when Disney stepped into the arena with their version, little girls all over dreamed of being the princess to dance at the ball and live happily ever after with their prince.

9. Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)

Belle was a new kind of princess for Disney. Smart, independent and not at all looking for a rescuer, Belle was an unlikely would-be princess. But once she saved the Beast from his curse, she stepped in the role admirably. And little girls donned her famous yellow gown for Halloween and dress up parties, dreaming of finding a hidden prince of their own.

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