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    LittleDressUpShop.com's Official Rules for Contests, Giveaways, & Promotions

    We require all who enter or participate in our contests and promotions to observe the following rules. We love to have fun, so these are some rules and guidelines that will keep all of our giveaways and promotions fun and fair!

    General Guidelines

    • No purchase is necessary to enter, unless otherwise indicated in the specific contest rules.
    • All contests, giveaways, and promotions are governed by and subject to all applicable United States federal, state, and local laws.
    • LittleDressUpShop.com is the sponsor of all contests unless a co-sponsor is indicated in the contest rules.

    General Participant Eligibility & Guidelines

    • Our contests, giveaways and promotions are open only to all willing participants and entrants regardless of country of residence, unless otherwise indicated in the contest release, but are void where prohibited by law.
    • Before participating, anyone who is under the age of 18 or is considered a minor in her or his state of residence must have a parent or legal guardian's permission. By participating, you confirm that you have your parents' consent.
    • Please be aware that anyone participating in LittleDressUpShop.com's contest on Facebook must be at least 18 years old per Facebook's requirements.
    • Employees of LittleDressUpShop.com and members of their immediate families or households are not eligible to enter or participate.
    • Former LittleDressUpShop employees are eligible to enter contests after 60 days beyond their final day of employment with LittleDressUpShop.com.
    • An individual can enter each contest, giveaway, or promotion only once, unless otherwise specified! Separate user accounts are not considered separate individuals.
    • Lucky winners of our contests, giveaways, or promotions (including LittleDressUpShop.com-sponsored blog giveaways), are ineligible to win any additional prizes within 30 days after the start date of the contest won*. However, if entrants have won but were not awarded a prize, they retain eligibility to enter and win subsequent contests, giveaways, and promotions.*This rule does not apply to any subjectively judged contests, in which the winner is not randomly chosen.

    Fun Friday Giveaway Guidelines

    • Every Friday of every week we will post on our Instagram and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/littledressupshop a way to enter this weekly giveaway, unless otherwise noted.
    • There are two requirements: Like the post and comment on the same post. The post will be different each week and give specific instructions on what to comment on.
    • Sharing is not required; however, wouldn't you think that your friends or family members who have kids that love dress up would want to know about our weekly giveaways?
    • We will state the timeframe in which the winners will be announced within the post and the prize that will be won.
    • We will always post the winner, so check our most recent posts to see the winner. If you have not "Liked" or "Followed" our page your chance of being notified of the winners may be slim. We recommend you become a fan and it also may help to send us a Private Message so we can easily contact you if you do in fact win!
    • LittleDressUpShop.com retains the right to replace any prize with a gift certificate of the same value. Reasons for this can include (but are not limited to) item availability.
    • Our Fun Friday Giveaways are open to U.S. and International residents. However, all International winners will receive a Gift Certificate for the winning value, and the International winner must pay the shipping costs to receive the item.

    Photo Contest Guidelines (including Halloween Photo Contest, Fan of the Month Contest and others)

    • If you submit content for a contest that includes the image of a child under the age of 18, you are affirming you are the individual’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and are giving permission to use the content in order for your submission to be valid.
    • By submitting any content to LittleDressUpShop.com in connection with a contest, you are affirming that you own and/or have all rights necessary to submit such content and to license it to LittleDressUpShop.com as set forth below. You are further affirming that use of the content submitted does not violate or infringe upon any copyrights, trademarks, or rights of publicity.
    • By submitting any content to LittleDressUpShop.com in connection with a contest, you are granting LittleDressUpShop.com an irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to reproduce and use, re-use, publish and republish the content, in whole or in part, without restriction as to changes, and in conjunction with or apart from your name. LittleDressUpShop.com reserves the right to use such content throughout its site, in marketing materials, outside of its site, or however else LittleDressUpShop.com sees fit.
    • By entering a contest, you are agreeing to sign any necessary documentation that may be required to confer to LittleDressUpShop.com the rights to use your submission as set forth above.
    • By entering a contest, you affirm your understanding that you will not receive any compensation or credit for use of your entry other than what is described in the specific contest release.
    • Contest entries containing offensive or inappropriate material will be disqualified. This may consist of (but is not limited to) demeaning, racist, sexist language, profanity, and/or sexually explicit material.
    • Contest entries must remain public for at least 30 days after the contests end date. If you need to remove an entry for a particular reason, please fill out a Contact Us Form.
    • LittleDressUpShop.com reserves the right to disqualify any entry that is incomplete or illegible.
    • LittleDressUpShop.com reserves the right to disqualify any entry from an individual if such individual submits multiple entries, unless otherwise stated in the specific rules.
    • LittleDressUpShop.com reserves the right to disqualify any individual or entry that violates the rules or is contrary to the spirit and intent of the rules.

    Voting, Winning, & Prizes

    • LittleDressUpShop.com will deem invalid all types of machine-generated or robotic voting in its contests. Further, LittleDressUpShop.com will deem invalid all votes that were purchased or which are determined to have been generated though false identities or fraudulent means. LittleDressUpShop.com may rely on an independent third-party to verify voting, and LittleDressUpShop.com retains full discretion to make all decisions as to whether to accept or reject votes as it deems appropriate.
    • Please see individual contest releases for specific rules for each contest. Some contests involve skill and are judged by certain criteria. Other contents involve random selection of winners.
    • Contest prizes are not eligible for exchange or transfer of any kind.
    • LittleDressUpShop.com retains the right to replace any prize with a gift certificate of the same value. Reasons for this can include (but are not limited to) item availability.

    Still not sure, or need to know more? Our Customer Care team is happy to answer your questions. Fill out a Contact Us Form, take advantage of our Live Chat, or call 1-800-738-8156.