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Queen of Hearts Dress-Up with Tiara
She really is the Queen of Hearts...they're everywhere! Just look at the Tiara (included in price) to see even more hearts! Plus look at those gorgeous sleeves! They are comfortable with stretchy velvet lining the edges. And did you know that all of our dresses have lined seams at the waist? Every detail is considered in the design of these dresses to make them comfortable and delightful. As with everything we sell, this dress is machine washable, durable, comfortable and glitter-free.

Happy Boa - Red
This might replace her favorite blanket. Not's that soft and snuggly. We think it's called a Happy Boa because it makes you so happy. It's washable with no itchy feathers, which also means no mess! It's sensory friendly and allergy free! 60 in. long...and did we mention soft?

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Alice in Wonderland Dress with Headband
Here is the softest, coziest Alice in Wonderland dress-up for kids and toddlers you'll ever touch (your daughter will thank you). It'll make for some terrific storybook adventures at your house. The dress comes with the Bow attached to a satin wrapped Headband. And the apron is attached to make dressing simple-no ribbons to tie or chance of losing it! You'll love the ruffle trims and the printed pictures to spark playtime ideas. We love the velvet bodice and sleeves and the fact that it's washable, durable and glitter-free!

Alice in Wonderland Dress with Headband for Dolls
This Alice in Wonderland Doll Dress is small enough to join a rabbit at a tea party! It's made to fit 18" dolls (and most smaller baby dolls and stuffed animals as well). We love the stretchy fabric and the velcro closures to make it easier for your child to dress her doll. It's washable and durable too. Get one to match our child's size dress or for a special treasure on its own! Doll not included.

Alice in Wonderland Dress for Child and Doll
With both of these Alice in Wonderland dresses in your house, Alice really can be both BIG and small sized. What a fun way for kids to play-act the adventures in the rabbit hole…going to tea parties and talking to caterpillars. It's made to fit 18" dolls (and most smaller baby dolls and stuffed animals as well). Enjoy that they are washable, comfortable and durable with NO shedding glitter. Doll not included.

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