why girls love fairytale princesses
Girls love fairy tale princesses and the fantasy is a right of passage for many

It comes as no surprise to most parents when their little girl announces she wants to grow up to be one of the fairy tale princesses. Many will humor her with an adorable princess dress and tiara, a magic wand, too, if their dream world calls for fairy dust. The princess phase comes over so many young girls that it's almost expected, but why?

To understand why girls light up when they get to wear pink ruffles, you have to look at the life of a princess through the eyes of a child. Grown women may see these "role models" as relatively helpless, high-maintenance, materialistic and always in need of being saved. These are female characters whose sole purpose in life, according to the Disney versions, is to find love.

Put on your child lens for a moment and remember that getting to wear a princess dress is the ultimate form of make believe. These gals get to live in castles and people love them. When not being hunted by a wicked queen or jealous step sisters, they wear elaborate gowns and everyone pays attention when they talk. Theirs is an uncomplicated world of grand balls, chatty frogs and always happy endings.

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