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Warrior Princess Doll Dress
Doll not included.

Warrior Princess Doll Dress

by Little Adventures
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This dress was designed to help Zoie fight cancer! It's the miniature version of our Warrior Princess dress and represents the strength and bravery of childhood cancer fighters and survivors. This doll dress is made to fit 18 inches dolls including American Girl Dolls, baby dolls and most stuffed animals.

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DELUXE Princess Ava Doll Dress
This amazing dress was designed by Ava herself! She selected (from a rainbow of colors) her very favorites: Peach and Teal. And she was sure to include flowers which are one of her favorite things and represent life. Even the pattern of the fabric was specially designed so she could include little flowers made of hearts to show the love she has for her friends. Every little detail down to the stripes (which show her fun side) and the gold trim (to represent how priceless children are) were important to Ava. She even designed the hairpiece with a soft elastic so her friends without hair can enjoy comfort and look beautiful with those all-important flowers. Scroll down to read more about Ava and your charitable contribution.

Warrior Princess Zoie Dress
Defend your kingdom from invading forces, fight a dragon, and save the castle! This warrior princess dress is washable, comfortable, durable and a great addition to your little princess's magical costume wardrobe.


Why this Warrior Princess was designed:
Zoie was a healthy and thriving 3 yr old little girl who loved pre-school, playing soccer, dancing, and tumbling. Last winter, a lump was found on her neck that was thought to be from a virus. Five Days later, Zoie was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma. Her tumor was three times the size of her heart, it began overtaking her chest cavity, was starting to compress her airways, and heart. Blessedly, she responded quickly to treatment and the tumor was inactive and broken apart just 6 weeks later. However, Zoie has another year and a half left of treatment where she will continue to undergo intensive chemotherapy treatments to give her the best chance at remaining cancer-free. She is a big spirit in a little body and continues to amaze everyone with just how strong and brave she really is! She truly is a warrior princess. Support Princess Zoie and treatment of childhood cancer by purchasing her dress. Little Adventures will donate all revenue from this purchase (half your purchase price).
Sleeping Beauty Child and Doll Dress Set
These beautiful two-tone dresses are just like in the real princess! All the little details are just perfect...The off-the-shoulder look without being off the shoulders, the glitterless bling of the shiny swirls and sequins and the delicate jewel at the neckline. Plus we love the sheer overlay and the contrast of white and bright pink. As always, these dresses are washable, durable, won't shed glitter and not at all itchy. Doll dress fits perfectly on the 18" American Girl Dolls and most other smaller dolls. Doll not included.

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Royal Pink Ballgown Doll Dress
This perfect match to our Royal Pink Princess dress up is all a princess needs. It has a pink velvet bodice adorned with a beautiful silver trims. The multi layered skirt, accented with trim and a chiffon flower, makes this an adorable dress up for your child's best friend. The beautiful velvet pink dress fits perfectly on the 18" American Girl Dolls and most other smaller dolls (including Cabbage Patch). Your little princess just might even put it on her teddy bear or other stuffed animal. Doll not included.