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Red Triceratops Cape with Hood
Red Triceratops Cape with Hood

Red Triceratops Cape with Hood

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You gotta love these plush hooded capes...kinda like a soft stuffed toy turned into a soft stuffed costume. It's so much easier to play you are a dinosaur when you actually look like a dinosaur. And it's just so easy to put on. Just wrap the red cape around you and pull up the hood. Now you're a Triceratops.

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Green T-Rex Cape with Hood
What has sharp teeth, a long spiky tail, green scales and large piercing eyes? The most feared dinosaur of all...T-Rex! Watch your little one transform into this ferocious creature by simply donning the soft cape and attached hood. The absence of a bulky costume allows him to move and play (stomp and chase) without restriction. Look closely at the varied coloring and extra lining--something we know a mom would appreciate.

Blue Pterodactyl Cape with Hood
This dino cape has you all fooled...because Pterodactyls were actually flying reptiles and not dinosaurs! But none of that matters when you are playing pretend anyway! This cape features textured velour, realistic eyes, and 3D stuffed detailing. A lined hood means this cape is durable and always machine washable, and of course, comfortable!

Create Your Own Pretend Play Set of 3 Costumes
Girl and Boy's Pretend Play costumes are available in threes! For buying them together you'll get a special price. Choose any combination of Superhero, Career, Knight costumes and more

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Red Royal Sword and Shield Set
Dragons beware and maidens rejoice, your knight is on his way with his trusty sword and shield to aid him on his quest. The set is made from a high quality dense foam that adds both safety and longevity. Adventures await! Good for ages 3-8.