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Little Mermaid Story Set
Little Mermaid Story Set

Little Mermaid Story Set

by Little Adventures
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Introducing our new "Story Sets"!!! Now she'll have all the dresses from the story to act it out. Nothing is better than playing pretend...except for playing pretend when you are comfortable. What a delight! The dresses have no velcro or zippers to frustrate your little one or to snag the fabric. She can easily put them on and take them off herself as the bodices are made of a very stretchy fabric. This not only helps with ease of dressing, but also to accommodate a variety of sizes. You'll love that they are all washable, durable, comfortable and won't shed glitter!

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Twirly-Girl Mermaid Dress
She's got legs to spin! You'll love that the fabric of the skirt makes a full circle. This dress is perfect for twirling. As with all of our dress-ups, this one is washable, comfortable, durable and glitter-free.

Pink Little Mermaid Ballgown for Dolls
This Little Mermaid's Pink Ballgown Doll Dress is perfect for your little mermaid's dolls or stuffed animals. With the stunning sherbet pink crushed velvet and a lacey applique collage of sea creatures, this is a doll dress she will have to have! The fluffy peplum lies delicately over the simple white skirt. Doll not included.

Create Your Own Gift Set
Choose 2 Princess Dresses as well as 3 Accessories or Add Ons. You will receive a fantastic discount and have a perfect gift! Everything you find here is guaranteed to be washable, durable and best of all, comfortable! They also do not shed glitter around the house. For a quick glance at the accessory options in groups 1, 2 and 3, click on the secondary images under the main image.
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