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Pink Hero Cape with Reversible Mask
Pink Hero Cape with Reversible Mask

Pink Hero Cape with Reversible Mask

by Little Adventures
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Dress ups and hero's collide in this pink cape and reversible mask. She'll be dressing up as always but the storyline may be different than the usual princess ball. Imagine what she can do with all her new superpowers. You'll be AMAZED at how she puts on the velvet cape all by herself (easy velcro closure)! And awed at how she seems instantly clean (thanks washing machine)! And we should mention the quality of the seams and full lining inside the cape. 24" in length from shoulder down.

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Pink Princess Foam Shield
Protecting the kingdom (and neighborhood) is just the right job for your girl. Now girls can delight in being the protector and defender the family! But of course, it must be done in style...which means "pink". With fantastic and vibrant graphics on both pieces, they are made of strong, durable, thick and SAFE foam. The shield is about 15" tall with two adjustable straps to hold onto or to slip over her arm. The sword is 19" long.

These are sold separately so you can decide if you want one or both!

Create Your Own 3 Cape Set with Matching Masks
Choose from our quality capes to create this discounted set. You can give them all to one lucky child or split them between friends, siblings or cousins! Our capes have velcro closures at the neck which are easy for a child to manage and will come apart if the cape should catch on something. All are washable and lined with a satiny fabric. And most important for a hero, they are guaranteed to be durable. Each cape includes a coordinating and reversible mask!

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