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Retired - Starlight Wizard Hat
Hat only.

Retired - Starlight Wizard Hat

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We have stars in our eyes with this one! This hat features stars in a colorful universe of crushed velvet setting the mood for proper wizardry. It's made with a layer of foam so that it sits tall and upright. Super fun with NO glitter! And mom, you'll love that it's comfortable, durable and completely machine washable.
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Black and Gold Reversible Wizard Cape and Hat
This reversible wizard cape is perfect for becoming invisible, or defending against a dragon's flame...Anything your little adventurer can imagine! We adore the golden stars in all different sizes. And on the reverse side is a golden lightning bolt on black. The neck closes with Velcro for safety and ease and the whole thing is machine washable, comfortable and durable!

Sorcerers Cape and Hat Set
Every young sorcerer needs the proper outfit with a tall pointy hat. "No-glitter" sparkly stars and moon on midnight-blue crushed velvet will set just the right magical mood. The matching hat is made with a layer of foam so that it sits upright for proper spell-casting. One simple Velcro closure at the neckline that magician can reach allows the cape to sit squarely on the shoulders. Mom, you'll love the durability of this outfit and it's completely machine washable.