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Soft Silver King/Queen Crown
Soft Silver King/Queen Crown

Soft Silver King/Queen Crown

by Little Adventures
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Tis noble and splendid to be adorned in such a crown that glistens and shimmers and shines. Our silver crown fits snugly upon the royal head with the help of an adjustable Velcro closure. Made of two pieces of quilted-together fabric, this crown is bedecked with fleur-de-lis, spires, cut-outs and more. No jewels or glitter to fall of. Its a perfect match for all our princess gowns and princely tunics.

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Deluxe SILVER Knight Tunic
with Cape and Crown
This is truly a Deluxe tunic! There are so many different textures...from the velvety soft tunic, to the satiny cape. It's got just enough shine to be royal and just enough "chain mail" to keep this warrior safe. Check out those sleeves! It's 3 separate pieces: Tunic with sleeves and hood, Cloak and Crown. And of course it's completely washable!

Silver and Blue Knight Tunic
Your young knight will love this tunic which has the look of authentic chain mail armor! Emblazoned with a classic coat-of-arms, he can slip it on over his head just like a t-shirt with no Velcro or fasteners to mess with. He can take on the most fierce fire-breathing dragons in comfort and style. When his crusades are over with for the day, you'll love that it's machine washable with no glitter mess.

Soft Gold King/Queen Crown
Kings and Queens-- take note! And delight in our shimmery golden crown, made of two layers of soft, comfortable fabric quilted together for the most regal of Kings and Queens. The fleur-de-lis design with cut-outs lends distinction to the wearer of this most royal of all accessories. The villagers may strew rose petals at your feet, but no glitter allowed! A perfect embellishment for any royal gown or princely tunic. Velcro closure adjusts for the perfect fit!

Create Your Own Pretend Play Set of 3 Costumes
Girl and Boy's Pretend Play costumes are available in threes! For buying them together you'll get a special price. Choose any combination of Superhero, Career, Knight costumes and more

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