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Gold Princess Soft Tiara
Gold Princess Soft Tiara

Gold Princess Soft Tiara

by Little Adventures
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Finally a SOFT tiara for your little princess. She'll only know she's wearing it when the crowds curtsy and bow. It has no plastic holding the shape and fits comfortably across her forehead. The tiara attaches with a soft elastic around the back of her head. It's made with a soft quilt-like foam covered fabric and has three beautiful accent jewels attached. Ages 3-8.

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Pink and Gold Unicorn Cape
Do you believe in unicorns? We do! And we love the classy colors of this Unicorn Cape. The pink is quite sophisticated and the gold adds just the right amount of magic. You'll be very pleased to know that the neck attaches with Velcro so it's easy to do up for any little fingers. We love that it's washable and durable and that all the seams are hemmed and finished. Nothing less than apparel quality from us

Soft Tiara Party Pack of 8
Eight soft tiara's for party fun and favors! Choose from silver, pink or gold from our Frozen Inspired collection, traditional collection and Jewel Teardrop collection.

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White Princess Tiara and Wand Set
No princess is complete without her crown and wand, and this sparkling tiara and heart shaped wand set made of iridescent beads, flowing satin streamers and feather boa are the perfect addition. The flexible plastic headband allows the tiara to either sit atop the head or over the crown of the head. Fits well with all sizes and coordinates beautifully with our adorable princess dress ups.
Create Your Own 6 Dress Princess Set
Whether you are outfitting several princesses or one very lucky princess, you can choose any size combination you need and then choose your favorite 6 dress ups. Everything here is made of washable, quality fabrics and guaranteed to be durable. We also love these dresses because they are easy for children to put on and take off by themselves (which will come in handy when she wants to change into all 6 dresses!). But best of all, these dresses are not itchy and have no shedding glitter! Every fabric is soft and even the inner seams are lined.
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