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Soft Gold King/Queen Crown
Soft Gold King/Queen Crown

Soft Gold King/Queen Crown

by Little Adventures
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Kings and Queens-- take note! And delight in our shimmery golden crown, made of two layers of soft, comfortable fabric quilted together for the most regal of Kings and Queens. The fleur-de-lis design with cut-outs lends distinction to the wearer of this most royal of all accessories. The villagers may strew rose petals at your feet, but no glitter allowed! A perfect embellishment for any royal gown or princely tunic. Velcro closure adjusts for the perfect fit!

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Prince Charming
This princely outfit is properly suited to attend to Cinderella or to survey the kingdom atop his noble steed. The yellow collar, piping on the arm cuffs and pants lend just the right contrast to the Prince's outfit with golden brocade finishing off the details and nary a trace of glitter to shed. The adjustable Velcro belt is supported by belt loops on this APPAREL QUALITY garment. He'll love the soft, non-scratchy, non-itchy fabric and you'll love the durability and machine washability of this outfit.

Red Knight Tunic
Tough yet comfortable! We love that this tunic is soft and washable and just slips right over the head. No fussing with velcro or fasteners. The golden lion on the coat of arms adds a note of distinction for your young knight without uncomfortable fabrics!

Queen of Hearts Dress-Up with Tiara
She really is the Queen of Hearts...they're everywhere! Just look at the Tiara (included in price) to see even more hearts! Plus look at those gorgeous sleeves! They are comfortable with stretchy velvet lining the edges. And did you know that all of our dresses have lined seams at the waist? Every detail is considered in the design of these dresses to make them comfortable and delightful. As with everything we sell, this dress is machine washable, durable, comfortable and glitter-free.