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Purple Amulet Princess Dress
Purple Amulet Princess Dress

Purple Amulet Princess Dress

by Little Adventures
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Even a "commoner" can be a princess in our darling Amulet princess dress. And it will not even matter if she gets a little messy at the royal training academy because, her dress is... Machine Washable! With lovely detail from the sparkly trim to the beautiful amulet on the bodice (zoom in), this SOFT, COMFY (all-caps for emphasis) dress is sure to be a hit with your "princess in the making". You're going to love that it's glitter-free and she's going to love that it's comfortable!

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DELUXE Purple Amulet Princess Dress
This Deluxe Amulet dress is fit for a (new) princess! The gorgeous triple layered skirt features: 1) soft purple china silk, 2) shimmery sheer lavender fabric and 3) drapes adorned with a sparkly white flower. And of course the three layers are sewn together at an inner seam that is covered by soft fabric-because comfort is key!

The bodice is made from soft stretchy velvet and is accented with three lovely purple amulets (no necklace needed!). Last item to note: the cap sleeves puff up without any elastic (secret design) so there is no arm squeezing!

And as with all our dresses, it’s machine washable. You will love that it does not have any glitter that will shed all over your house. She will love that it is comfortable!

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