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Rhinestone Bracelet Set
Rhinestone Bracelet Set

Rhinestone Bracelet Set

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What you can tell about this, (my favorite) bracelet set is that it is completely STRETCHY! These aren't bangles that clink around, they are durable, high quality stretchy bracelets. And they are attached to each other to always be a pair without getting lost. Seriously worth the great, great price.

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Pink Jewel Shoulder Bag for Girls
The funnest part of this shoulder bag is the ball clasp at the top! Didn't you love opening and closing coin purses when you were little? Well this pink purse for girls has just that, as well as jewels, beads, and a long cord to wear across or over her shoulder. Dimensions: 4.5" wide, 4" tall Strap: 15.5"
Happy Boa - Set of 3
In love?! Want more than one color? Here's a discounted price for buying 3...it'll make your decision making easier. Why will you love these so much? Mostly because when you rub them up against your face, you just want to rub them up against your face some more! They're so soft and the colors are dazzlingly bright. We think they're called Happy Boas because they make you so happy. They're washable with no itchy feathers, which also means no mess! They're sensory friendly and allergy free! 60 in. long...and did we mention soft?

$35.97 $32.37 Sale
Rainbow Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Jewelry Set
This necklace and bracelet set is perfectly stretchy making it easy for girls to use in their dress up play. And she won't grow out of it too soon. It is also perfectly colored to match a variety of outfits for school days!