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Reversible Dragon and Knight Cape
Dragon side. Hood not included (and not available).

Reversible Dragon and Knight Cape

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Some days your young Knight feels like slaying dragons and some days your young dragon wants to breathe fire upon all. This reversible cape allows him to embrace both the monster and the hero! The dragon features 'bony plates' made of soft yellow felt on a shiny, scaly green cape and the Knight side is designed to resemble liquid knit chainmail featuring a black cross on red shield. The shiny soft fabric is machine washable with no glitter to shed. The cape has a Velcro closure at the neck to ensure a snug fit that won't come off during adventures! This is the reversible cape only, sorry the hood is no longer available.

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Toddler Dragon Cape with Attached Hood
Shimmery toddler dragon cape has the appearance of scales! His spikes, yellow eyes and teeth make him very ferocious.

$17.99 $15.29 Sale
Dragon Cape with Claws
This is no ordinary dragon...Oh yes, he has scales and spikes and all but you should see his claws--completely stuffed! They are attached to 2 soft arm sleeves and made of the same textured velour as the cape--just like dragon skin! The cool blue spikes are stuffed too. Cape and arm bands are completely machine washable.

Create Your Own Pretend Play Set of 3 Costumes
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Prince Cape with Reversible Mask
This Prince cape is perfect for your brave prince's dress up and pretend play. It includes the Reversible Mask and is washable and comfortably made of stretchy navy blue velvet and a china silk lining. It closes with velcro at the neck making it easy for a child use on his own! And the closure will come apart easily as well if the cape is caught accidentally. The cape is 24" in length from shoulder down.