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Rapunzel Shoes
Rapunzel Shoes

Rapunzel Shoes

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The color purple is so deep and vibrant...even prettier in person! And look at the adorable purple petals surrounding Rapunzel's picture! You'll be delighted to find that these aren't the clunky plastic shoes that you've seen elsewhere. These are flexible and comfy and durable. Think sparkly jelly shoes only thicker and more pliable--completely flexible. We love that the strap on the back can be tightened to just the right fit...allowing for growth and easy dancing. Even the soft buckle that holds the strap is flexible and easy for kids. Approx. ages 4-6. Based on feedback, we think these fit on size 11 and bigger.

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DELUXE Rapunzel Dress-Up
A princess Rapunzel dress up costume that is absolutely gorgeous. It really is as beautiful as the picture. This gown is made from a sparkly crushed velvet bodice and other amazingly soft fabrics. The unique princess sleeve is positively elegant, and the billowy-organza overskirt in shimmery purple is astonishingly pretty over the pink skirt. A staff favorite for sure, plus it doesn't have any glitter to shed around your house!v
Tangled Rapunzel Wig
How unique that this Rapunzel wig isn't braided! And it's so long! We love the loose waves and how comfy it is to wear (so I'm told).
Rapunzel Dress - Long Sleeve Style
No wonder Rapunzel wanted out of her tower, she had this beautiful dress to wear! The attention to detail will astound you and the softness is sure to impress. It's completely comfortable and won't shed glitter! The bodice and sleeves are made from stretchy crushed velvet and trimmed with pink and gold. The baby-soft China silk skirt has a beautiful center panel with gold scrolling detail and a gold sequin trimmed hem. This dress is machine washable and goes beautifully with our Rapunzel Braid and/or Purple Cone Hat. (sold separately).