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Purple Shimmer Mermaid Child and Doll Dress Set
Doll not included.

Purple Shimmer Mermaid Child and Doll Dress Set

by Little Adventures
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Splash into a new adventure in your new shimmery mermaid dress up! Oh yes, it sparkles...with no glitter involved! They are both washable and durable and easy to put on and take off. And best of all they don't shed any glitter! It's made to fit 18" dolls (and most smaller baby dolls and stuffed animals as well). Doll not included.

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'Mermaids and Friends' - Stick-On Earrings
30 pairs! Anyone else love these in the '80's? Or maybe they've been around longer than that?! We're so excited about having these in our store. The set comes with 30 pairs of adorable little mermaid/sea characters. She can enjoy having earrings...without having earrings! Or if she already has pierced ears, they are fun on the cheek too!

Tinkerbell Dress-Up Costume
A Tinkerbell dress up for your little fairy. A costume in Neverland was never this fancy. She'll love to twirl in the happy green stretch velvet bodice with a skirt of two layers organza and sheer purple glittery petals. It can even be washed! Matching the purple petals is a purple flower and purple trim at the neckline. Under the sheer skirt you'll find a layer of green satin finishing the dress. Wings, Halo and Wand available separately. The best part is, this won't shed ANY glitter!

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Little Mermaid's Blue Lagoon Dress for Child and Doll
A mermaid, with human legs is going to need a dress. Same for a doll with legs. Why not matching dresses for your little mermaids? We love the color and the matching bow! And just look at the fun sea creatures adorning the bottom. We guarantee these to be Comfortable, Washable, Durable, and glitter-FREE for Delightful Play! The doll isn't included in this set but the dress is sure to fit one you already have (18", plush, Cabbage Patch, etc.).

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Create Your Own 6 Dress Princess Set
Whether you are outfitting several princesses or one very lucky princess, you can choose any size combination you need and then choose your favorite 6 dress ups. Everything here is made of washable, quality fabrics and guaranteed to be durable. We also love these dresses because they are easy for children to put on and take off by themselves (which will come in handy when she wants to change into all 6 dresses!). But best of all, these dresses are not itchy and have no shedding glitter! Every fabric is soft and even the inner seams are lined.

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