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Purple Jewel and Pearl Wand
Purple Jewel and Pearl Wand

Purple Jewel and Pearl Wand

by Little Adventures
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Just look at the details of this Purple Jewel and Pearl Wand! Three different types of ribbons, three different styles of beads, a bow, a jewel and a hanging diamond bead are just the start. It is a great combination to our Purple Jewel and Pearl Tiara and any of our purple dresses. It's perfect for casting magical princess spells and adding sparkle to her princess ensemble. Purple princess wand is made with high quality craftsmanship and materials as are all our products.

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Purple Queen Elsa Long Sleeve Dress
This super long dress has such a nice feel. It's sleek and simple and fun to twirl. We love the details in the fabric and the fact that it's washable, wearable and doesn't have any glitter!

Purple Princess Cone Hat
This princess cone hat coordinates especially well with the fabrics and accents of our beautiful Rapunzel and Amulet gowns. Two long cascading scarves flow from the tip and the front has a beautiful princess crown design with a beautiful jewel sewn in. This cone shaped hat is made of quality velvet, fused directly to a soft, sturdy inner foam core and attaches with soft elastic under the chin. It is washable too!

Pink and Purple Reversible Dragon Wings and Mask
Delightful AND frightful! The shape of each of these is so intricate and we love the mix of bright metallic pink and purple with black. There's a color on each side of the wings and a reversible mask to match. Both parts attach with a comfortable black elastic to fit most sizes. And notice that the wings and mask are made with 2 sides of quilted fabric and the mask has some rigid construction included to help keep that nice shape. Now to set some ground rules about scaring siblings and chasing through the house!

Purple Amulet Princess Child and Doll Dress Set
You're considering this discounted set because your daughter LOVES Sofia the First. But you should also consider it because of the beautiful details all over the dresses (zoom in) and the deep purple that is even more stunning in person. Both dresses are easy to put on (she can do it herself) with an over-the-head stretchy velvet top for her and a velcro back for the doll. They are also both washable, durable and not itchy. You will love that the dress does not have glitter that sheds and she will love how comfortable it is! The doll's dress fits 18" dolls and other baby dolls and stuffed animals. Doll not included.

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