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Princess Puffy Sticker Play Set
Princess Puffy Sticker Play Set

Princess Puffy Sticker Play Set

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Princess Puffy Sticker Princess Playset provides hours of dress up fun. Set includes two dolls and lots of mix and match dresses, shoes and accessories and a fold-and-go castle to stick them on. Stickers are reusable so the possibilities are endless. A great activity for traveling or for quiet time.
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Parisian Princess Dress Up
A beautiful gown for the princess of France to stroll the streets of Paris! The top of this dress is made of stretch velvet and adorned with adorable ribbons and trims. We love the mix of soft pink, ivory and gold. The bottom half is made of China Silk which resists wrinkles and is easy to maintain. The best part, it won't shed glitter at all! And of course it's machine washable, durable and COMFORTABLE!

Choose 2 Puffy Sticker Books
Each set comes with 2 sticker dolls and outfits and accessories to mix and match on 2 scenes (front and back) for each set. The sturdy, foldable scenes have handles for easy carrying. These are great for imaginative, quiet play in waiting rooms, restaurants and traveling.
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Happy Boa - Set of 3
In love?! Want more than one color? Here's a discounted price for buying 3...it'll make your decision making easier. Why will you love these so much? Mostly because when you rub them up against your face, you just want to rub them up against your face some more! They're so soft and the colors are dazzlingly bright. We think they're called Happy Boas because they make you so happy. They're washable with no itchy feathers, which also means no mess! They're sensory friendly and allergy free! 60 in. long...and did we mention soft?

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White Princess Tiara and Wand Set
No princess is complete without her crown and wand, and this sparkling tiara and heart shaped wand set made of iridescent beads, flowing satin streamers and feather boa are the perfect addition. The flexible plastic headband allows the tiara to either sit atop the head or over the crown of the head. Fits well with all sizes and coordinates beautifully with our adorable princess dress ups.