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Yellow Beauty Dress - Tank Sleeves Style
Gloves and Headband Sold Separately
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Yellow Beauty Dress - Tank Sleeves Style
review 76 Customer Review(s)
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Questions about this item? Ask here. Questions about this item? Ask here. (See 10 Questions)
Beauty becomes the belle of the ball when she dons her yellow gown. And just like the story, we can't forget the roses! The dress is stylishly adorned with red ribbon roses. And the gold rose patterned overskirt with gathers and red roses is the fanciest we've ever seen! And if you don't know us by now, we promise it's comfortable, durable, machine washable and won't shed glitter.

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Size Options
Small (age 1-3 size 2-3 length 25in)
Medium (age 3-5 size 4-6 length 30")
Large (age 5-7 size 6-8 length 35in)
X-Large (age 7-9 size 8-10 length 38in)
Add Classic Fullness Slip
Small Slip (size 2T-4T) [+$5.99]
Medium Slip (size 4-6) [+$5.99]
Large Slip (size 6-8) [+$5.99]
X-Large Slip (size 8-10) [+$5.99]
Accessorize This Dress
Red Rose Headband [+$4.99]
Gold Princess Soft Tiara [+$4.99]
Long Red Princess Gloves [+$8.99]
White Princess Tiara and Wand Set [+$9.99]
Happy Boa - Red [+$11.99]
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  • Washable-Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No Zippers, Velcro Closures or Buttons-Easy to dress/undress. Nothing to snag fabric.
  • Stretch Fabric-Accommodates a variety of sizes.
  • Durable, Quality Fabric and Trims-Made to last.
  • Comfortable-No itchy fabrics or trims.
  • NO messy, shedding Glitter!!
  • Have a Question About This Item? You ask and we answer!

    Questions about this item? Ask here. Questions about this item? Ask here.
    Questions and Answers
    Q: Hello, I’m not sure what size to order after looking at size chart. My daughter will be 3 at end of March - she is 34 inches tall & 31 pounds. Will the medium be too big on her?
    Asked by: Cheryl
    A: Thank you for reaching out to us… With her measurements, she could do either small or medium, depending on how you would like it to fit.

    Size small 21-32’ lbs, length of dress 25"
    Size medium 32-42’ lbs, length of dress 30”

    Size medium would be a bit big on her now, but if you do want to size up I would suggest adding out fullness slip in size small to fill it in for now. Here is a link to our sizing chart to better help you decide on size:

    Let me know if I can help you with anything else!
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: Is there any glitter on this dress? I've had some issues with other costumes with glitter shedding all over the house, getting in little eyes and noses.
    Asked by: Me
    A: I'm so glad you asked...we hate glitter too! There is NO glitter on this dress.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: It says for 15.99 add the belle of the ball dress, what is that?
    Asked by: amber
    A: Thanks for asking! That's the adorable matching Doll Dress!
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: Do the shoulder straps hang off the shoulder?
    Asked by: Jessica
    A: The sleeves do NOT hang off the shoulder. Thanks!
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: Does it come in pink? Belle of the Ball DRess up costume.
    Asked by: Pam
    A: Our Belle of the Ball Beauty Dress Up Costume does not come in pink (but what a fun idea!) We have many other dress ups that do come in pink, here is a link for you to browse:
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: I'm looking at this for my granddaughters 2nd birthday, however she is very petite. She's approximately 21lbs and 30 inches tall. Is the size small going to be way too big?
    Asked by: Shaaron
    A: She is within the weight limit and a size 2 is perfect for a size Small. You will just want to consider that the dress is 25" long. Measure her from shoulder to floor to see where it will hit on her.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: Do you need the fullness slip for the dress?
    Asked by: Alli
    A: The fullness slip is really a personal choice. Some girls love the ballgown look and some would rather just not bother with a slip. If you want the look in the picture, yes you will want the fullness slip. It is a separate piece so it can be used under our other dresses as well, allowing the need to only purchase one.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: does the overlay skirt go all around or it it just in the front?
    Asked by: Jamie
    A: The overlay does go all around the skirt but it does not have the gold flowers.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: What is the gold design on the fabric made of?
    Asked by: Tina
    A: Great question! The gold rose pattern is a foil applique that is part of the sheer chiffon fabric. It is completely washable and will never peel away. It adds shimmer and sparkle without shedding glitter all over your house.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: Is there a zipper? How does this dress close up in the back?
    Asked by: Jane
    A: There is no zipper or velcro. That would be too frustrating for little ones to do themselves and might snag the fabric. Instead this dress is quite stretchy and will go over her head just like a t-shirt. Easy!
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff

    Customer Reviews

    View All Reviews (76) | Write a Review Write a Review
    Rating Wonderful Dress!
    This dress is wonderful! I purchased for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I'm currently on the website shopping for a dress for her 4th birthday. It's almost a year old and has held up very well! It's easy for a child to put on herself and is made out of soft fabrics. I've lost count how many times she has disappeared into her room to emerge as Belle!
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Gorgeous Belle
    This dress is absolutely stunning and my daughter loves dressing up as Belle! It must be comfortable as she doesn't want to take it off. We also bought the red cloak and rose headband and couldn't be happier. We will be buying LOTs more dresses from this site as they are gorgeous and right now my almost 3 year old is convinced she is a princess!!
    Reviewed by:
    Rating perfect Belle
    Based on the reviews, I bought this dress, the slip, headband, and cape for my granddaughter's 4th birthday. The reviews were right. Everything shipped super fast. The dress price is comparable to the brand name one and this is much nicer. My granddaughter loves it. It fits well and my daughter-in-law says it is very soft.
    Reviewed by:
    Rating So happy
    Received this dress today, I couldn't be happier! So soft compared to other brands. Usually my daughter feels like a contortionist putting princess dresses on but not this one. I feel good about her wearing this in the Disney parks. Previous dresses were to heavy, sticky and scratchy. I do recommend the slip of your after the typical fullness of princess dresses.
    Reviewed by:
    Rating I Love this site!!!
    This is the first dress we bought from this store. I have 2 daughters, ages 5&6. My 6 year old wanted to be Belle for Halloween aND I loved how unique this one was so on a whim, I ordered it. It is s much more than I expected! It's soft, comfortable. Feels like real clothes! My only regret is no finding this place sooner. Just ordered a Aurora one for my other daughter so we'll be ready for our trip to Disney in a few weeks!
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Beautiful, well constructed, worth every penny!!
    These outfits are so much better than I even expected. My nieces LOVE, LOVE, LOVE playing dress-up with these. No worrying about stings to tie or Velcro to do up. These outfits stretch easily over the kids both on and off. The detail in even the basic dresses is amazing and the fact that they are machine washable is even better! If you have little people who love to play dress-up, or you just want a descent Halloween costume look no further! I will be recommending these to all my friends or clients that are looking for good quality items that will last
    Reviewed by:

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