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Pink Flower Veil
Pink Flower Veil

Pink Flower Veil

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We've decided this treasure has no single use...it can be a halo for fairy dress-ups or let her imagination turn her into a bride or princess with pink flowers in her hair. Fun for anything and everything and it just feels good to wear; pink and feminine.

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Candy Jewels Necklace
Fanciful, delightful beads in pastel colors with lots of texture and shapes, each large bead is separated and framed by a single silvertone bead. Your pastel princess will want to wear this with every outfit, not just her delightful dress-ups! Our necklace is made of stretchy, super durable elastic with no snaps or clasps!

DELUXE Sparkle Pink Princess
This dress proved to be so popular, it's now available in all four sizes! I think the secret is in the sequins and appliques. They give the dress the max amount of sparkle without any shedding glitter. All the sparkle is heat pressed or sewn in for the sanity of the parents. As with all of our dresses...it is Washable, Durable, and Comfortable!

Pink Fairy Halo and Wand Set
Pink, pink and more pink! Add to that ribbons, jewels, feathers, sparkly swirls and butterflies and this becomes quite a fairy princess dream. The halo sits atop the head with a flexible and comfortable plastic headband and ribbons to adjust the size. The wand is constructed with a thick, durable handle wrapped in satiny ribbon. It's durable of course and guaranteed to last.
Rainbow Fairy Halo and Wand
Rainbow ribbons, who wouldn't be happy wearing this?! These colors are so bright and beautiful with pink replacing red in this wearable rainbow of joy. The fairy halo and butterfly wand set are made of flowing ribbons and glittering gems to make her smile. The halo sits atop the head in a flexible plastic circle, and the wand has a thick, durable handle wrapped in ribbon.