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White Parasol
White Parasol

White Parasol

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We have nothing but praise for this parasol. It's designed by grown-ups so it's durable and won't cause disappointment in 2 days time. And it's made for kids so it's easy to work with...no pinchy buttons. Just slide it open or shut. And can you believe it's waterproof? It keeps off not only the sun but the water too!
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Practically Perfect Nanny
In every way she is perfect! Down to the last little detail...the tiny ribbons, the little ruchings. We love it! Isn't it ingenious how the red corset is printed on so there are no extra pieces or fasteners to bother with?! And the carousel print is just right for a jolly holiday. This durable gown is machine washable with no zippers or Velcro so your little one can dress herself. Plus she won't be bothered by itchy or glittery material...actually it's quite cozy and stretchy.

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Black Mary Poppins Hat
This hat is practically perfect in every way! It's hand-crafted here in the shop with Mary Poppin's signature daisies and berries. You'll love the little daisy that sticks up in the back...a bit peculiar just like our favorite nanny. The sizing is a bit large so it will fit older girls as well as adults. But it's adorable even on the littlest girls...the model in our picture is a petite 6 yr old. Also note: the style may vary slightly as each one is created upon order. Hat style varies as well in material and shape...yours may not look exactly like the picture.
Mary Poppins Disneybound Outfit
She's practically perfect in every way! This set of "everyday clothes" is a complete head turner wherever she goes but is especially perfect for an outing to the Disney parks. We love it for hot weather because of the sleeveless blouse . This set INCLUDES the blouse (with cute red bow), skirt, and gloves. And check out that blouse! The lace, dainty bow and pearl buttons are reminiscent of most traveling nannies these days. It's our favorite Disneybounding outfit...clothes (not costumes) paired together to emulate your favorite characters! Hat available separately.

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