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Lilac Rhinestone Fishnet Tights
Includes window gift box.

Lilac Rhinestone Fishnet Tights

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These rhinestone tights are a fun and fancy addition to any outfit. They are perfect for wearing with a casual dress or tutu. These fishnet tights are made to fit children ages 3-8. They are a lovely lilac, and the legs are covered in rhinestones. These tights are perfect for any kid who loves to add a little extra sparkle!

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Light Pink Ribbon Tiara
Comfortable AND elegant!!! This tiara is crafted with rigid wiring which allows for reshaping to fit any little princess' head. We love the ribbon-wrapped foam based, and decorative gems and rosettes, finished off with ribbons which can be left to dangle, or tied into a bow. Silver beads glimmer in the light, leaving this tiara truly fit for a princess!

Princess Shoe Collection
This is the FIRST EVER shoe collection you've seen from us because we hate the usual ones from the big box stores. But this is not those. These shoes are really, really durable and won't come apart in pieces. We like to say, "Shoes that won't break and won't break the bank!". They have nice solid soles and pretty adornments that stay put. She'll wear them confidently for playtime - the rubber soles resist slips and the durable construction will stand up to adventure after delightful adventure. It's a great mix of heels and a soft slipper pair in all the colors for her princess dress collection. Fits ages 3-5. They are about 7 inches from toe to heel.

Tiara Collection
Take a look at this: These are designed in consultation with moms (and their little princesses)! The headband tiaras have been painstakingly designed to be pinch-free, the comb-backed crowns won't tangle, and all are made with the very best materials--so they're comfortable and tough enough to stand up to years of play. Included are: Two metallic crowns (gold and silver) with recessed beveling shine with painted-jewel accents; two pearlescent tiaras (flowered lavender and jeweled pink). We particularly like that the jewels on all 4 are painted on so there is nothing to fall off!