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Light Pink Ribbon Tiara
Light Pink Ribbon Tiara

Light Pink Ribbon Tiara

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Comfortable AND elegant!!! This tiara is crafted with rigid wiring which allows for reshaping to fit any little princess' head. We love the ribbon-wrapped foam based, and decorative gems and rosettes, finished off with ribbons which can be left to dangle, or tied into a bow. Silver beads glimmer in the light, leaving this tiara truly fit for a princess!

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DELUXE Pink Flutterby Princess - RETIRED!
FLUT-TER-BY: noun. 1. childish phrase for butterfly.

Wow! Look at that skirt! Really....zoom in on the image and look at the shimmer of the skirt. It's NOT glitter that will shed, it's not glued on sequins that will fall off. That shimmer is perfect "sparkle" that is staying put and magically making her feel like a princess. And we love the quilted, opalescent butterflies along the neckline!!! You won't believe how soft and comfy this dress is. And, as with all of our dresses...it is Washable, and Durable!

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Royal Pink Ballgown Dress Up Costume
Does your princess loves pink? This classic style has a beautiful layered pink skirt. The pink velvet bodice, decorated with silver sequin and accented with a blossomed pink flower, will make your princess feel majestic. And like everything we sell, it is completely machine washable and guaranteed to be durable and non-itchy. We promise she won't want to take it off, plus it's glitter free!

Vintage Parisian Child and Doll Dress Set
The princess of France needs to match her baby doll! They match perfectly, made of pink stretch velvet and adorned with adorable ribbons and trims with a china silk skirt. And as with all of our dresses, we insist they are washable, comfortable and free of shedding glitter. Doll dress fits perfectly on the 18" American Girl Dolls and most other smaller dolls. Doll not included.

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