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Chunky Magenta Heart Necklace
Chunky Magenta Heart Necklace

Chunky Magenta Heart Necklace

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Charming! Each bead is detailed and unique. Zoom in and examine the beauty of each fun part. Six different beads are separated in this pattern by two small silver beads all on a stretchy cord making it easy to put on and take off. It is durable for even the smallest child and won't easily snap. You'll have to decide for yourself but we think this is one of our favorites.

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Happy Heart Pendant Necklace and Bracelet Set
For your sweetHEART! It's all about the shiny, fat, heart charm embellished with faceted beads of fuchsia pink, aqua blue and yellow. The extra shiny beads sparkle and twinkle on this matching necklace and bracelet made of stretchy, durable elastic with no clasps. We love that it's super easy to put on and take off.

Sorbet Sparkles Necklace and Bracelet Set
This necklace/bracelet pair has all our chunky bead love-- iridescent studded beads, luminous pearl beads, and pastel pink and mint green beads that practically glow! She'll love to enhance her special spring outfit with this set and best of all, made of stretchy, durable elastic with no clasps, she can slip them on and off with no help from the grownups!

Princess Shoe Collection
This is the FIRST EVER shoe collection you've seen from us because we hate the usual ones from the big box stores. But this is not those. These shoes are really, really durable and won't come apart in pieces. We like to say, "Shoes that won't break and won't break the bank!". They have nice solid soles and pretty adornments that stay put. She'll wear them confidently for playtime - the rubber soles resist slips and the durable construction will stand up to adventure after delightful adventure. It's a great mix of heels and a soft slipper pair in all the colors for her princess dress collection. Fits ages 3-5.

Rainbow Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Jewelry Set
This necklace and bracelet set is perfectly stretchy making it easy for girls to use in their dress up play. And she won't grow out of it too soon. It is also perfectly colored to match a variety of outfits for school days!