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Hoop Skirt
Hoop Skirt

Hoop Skirt

by Little Adventures
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Sachet and Sway! For the fashion conscious princess who commands a regal appearance, this hoop skirt will allow her to practice elegance in her dress!! Our skirt contains 2 flexible hoops that give maximum fullness to our princess dresses. Its soft, durable, and washable. With no velcro or zippers, mi'lady can just slip it on or step into. The wide fabric-wrapped elastic waistband assures a comfortable yet snug fit.

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DELUXE Fullness Slip
This slip has many layers of high-quality tulle with satin lining so there is nothing itchy about it. The extra layers ensure that even with lots of sitting, standing, spinning and jumping, there'll be no need for re-adjusting to get it fluffy again. We love the wide elastic waistband that is also wrapped in satin making it super cozy. It's its own separate piece (not sewn in) so you can buy 1 and wear it under any of our dresses!

S, M, L, XL do not describe the amount of "fullness" but are size options. Choose the same slip size as you do dress size to get the right length. The elastic waist will accommodates a variety of sizes and the tulle can be trimmed if needed.

DELUXE Cinderella Dress Up Costume
Only a fairy godmother could figure out how to make a dress shiny without using any glitter! Yep, we hate shedding glitter too. Instead this dress sparkles with metallic swirls, sequins and three fetching gems. As with all of our dresses...it is Washable, Durable, and Comfortable!

Princess Villain Set
We don't condone villainous behavior, but every princess needs to let her hair down once in awhile. Each of these adorable evil ladies comes with a matching headpiece. Play the queen, the witch and the fairy.

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