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Garden Flower Halo
Garden Flower Halo

Garden Flower Halo

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"She wore flowers in her hair..." This is the beginning of a perfect story and a perfect day of pretend. Your little one will find multiple ways to imagine herself with this lovely garland of silk flowers and ribbons on her head. Let her imagination turn her into a bride or princess…or of course, a fairy!

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Lady Cambria - Coral Renaissance Dress
You are going to fall in love with our Renaissance Dress! Hover over the image so you can see all the close-up details of the beautiful fabric! We love the panel look of the skirt with alternating swirls and solids, separated by pretty white pinstripes. This dress is such a beautiful shade of pink that just never gets overbearing. It's named after an employee's daughter! Cambria was born just before Holly started with us and we consider her part of the Little Dress Up Shop family. As with all of our dress-ups, this is guaranteed to be Comfortable, Washable, Durable, and glitter-FREE for Delightful Play!

DELUXE Pink Flutterby Princess
FLUT-TER-BY: noun. 1. childish phrase for butterfly.

Wow! Look at that skirt! Really....zoom in on the image and look at the shimmer of the skirt. It's NOT glitter that will shed, it's not glued on sequins that will fall off. That shimmer is perfect "sparkle" that is staying put and magically making her feel like a princess. And we love the quilted, opalescent butterflies along the neckline!!! You won't believe how soft and comfy this dress is. And, as with all of our dresses...it is Washable, and Durable!

DELUXE Sparkle Pink Princess
This dress proved to be so popular, it's now available in all four sizes! I think the secret is in the sequins and appliques. They give the dress the max amount of sparkle without any shedding glitter. All the sparkle is heat pressed or sewn in for the sanity of the parents. As with all of our dresses...it is Washable, Durable, and Comfortable!

Pink Fairy Halo and Wand Set
Pink, pink and more pink! Add to that ribbons, jewels, feathers, sparkly swirls and butterflies and this becomes quite a fairy princess dream. The halo sits atop the head with a flexible and comfortable plastic headband and ribbons to adjust the size. The wand is constructed with a thick, durable handle wrapped in satiny ribbon. It's durable of course and guaranteed to last.