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Alpine Sister Doll Dress
Doll not included.

Alpine Sister Doll Dress

by Little Adventures
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She'll love dressing her doll up to be this most famous little sister...the Scandinavian Princess! And she'll be able to do it all by herself with the stretchy fabric and easy velcro. She'll love the independence and you'll love that it's glitter free, washable and durable! It's made to fit most 18" dolls and teddy bears. Doll not included.

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Alpine Sister Child and Doll Dress Set
Order the Scandinavian Princess child and doll dresses together to receive a discount! In this set you receive 10% off the regular prices of buying them separately. They are both washable and durable and easy to put on and take off. And best of all they don't shed any glitter! It's made to fit 18" dolls (and most smaller baby dolls and stuffed animals as well). Doll not included.

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Ice Queen Story Set
Introducing our new "Story Sets"!!! Now she'll have all the dresses from the story to act it out. Nothing is better than playing pretend...except for playing pretend when you are comfortable. What a delight! The dresses have no velcro or zippers to frustrate your little one or to snag the fabric. She can easily put them on and take them off herself as the bodices are made of a very stretchy fabric. This not only helps with ease of dressing, but also to accommodate a variety of sizes. You'll love that they are all washable, durable, comfortable and won't shed glitter!

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Gold Scandinavian Soft Tiara
This tiara is a redesign of our popular "soft tiaras" specifically for your little Ice Queen and Scandinavian Princess...but a cute match to any dress. The foam tiara is extremely comfortable to wear, with the soft elastic strap going around her head. It is decorated with a beautiful solitaire gold gem and quilt-like stitching. One size fits most age 3-8. It's really Coronation Day!!!