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RETIRED! DELUXE Little Miss Fancy with Leggings (SMALL ONLY)
Leggings included.

RETIRED! DELUXE Little Miss Fancy with Leggings (SMALL ONLY)

by Little Adventures
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Ooh, la, la! It's a great day for getting fancy! The vibrant yellow, soft stretch velvet top is accented with a brilliant blue bow and embroidered necklace design. We love, love, love the frilly pink skirt for the right amount of flair and the INCLUDED striped leggings to match! This dress up is sure to make an ordinary day, extraordinary!

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Fancy Frills Purse - Pink or Purple
This frilly purse reminds us of something right out of a Fancy Nancy book! Choose either the pink or purple version, both are adorable. Each ruffled row is a unique color with frilly, sequin dotted lace and satin biased edging. The purse has two sturdy handles and a zipper for keeping things safely inside. Perfectly sized at 7 x 6 inches.

Fancy Nancy - Play Dress
Bonjour! It's a great day for getting fancy! And it doesn't matter where you are going because this dress is made for play. It's stretchy and comfortable and washable...but don't let the practicality fool you, it's adorable too! Just accessorize with some of our fanciest things.

Happy Boa - Fuchsia
This boa is magnifique in our opinion. Mostly because when you rub it up against your face, you just want to rub it up against your face some more! It's so soft and the perfect color. We think it's called a Happy Boa because it makes you so happy. It's washable with no itchy feathers, which also means no mess! It's sensory friendly and allergy free! 60 in. long...and did we mention soft?

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Ice Queen Dress Up
Our favorite Ice Queen dress of all! We are dying over the beautiful bold blue snowflakes against the white and lighter blue....beautiful! And the soft fabric is so luxurious and comfortable! But the best part of this dress is that the shine and shimmer you see is NOT glitter that will shed all over your house. Those are sparkly appliques that are adhered to the fabric and are completely washable. The sleeves are made of a sheer fabric that is durable yet delicate looking (we love all the varying fabrics and textures). We also love that the train is long yet manageable...just the right length for a little queen! The blue sheer train crosses the back from underarm to underarm.

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