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Child's Deluxe English Nanny Dress with Hat and Accessories
Includes Suit Jacket, Skirt, Hat, Parrot Umbrella Handle, Dickey and Tie. Umbrella not included.

Child's Deluxe English Nanny Dress with Hat and Accessories

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This Mary Poppins inspired Dress includes practically everything you see pictured, except the shoes and umbrella. But...it DOES include the umbrella handle! Yes, that adorable upside down parrot can be added to any of your straight handled umbrellas...or buy one of ours! It is made of flexible plastic that slips over most handles. The suit dress includes a long skirt with an elastic waistband and a comfortably stretchy jacket with easy buttons. Underneath the jacket is a whitey dickey with collar and a red neck tie. You'll also get the hat with 3 movable (Velcro) flowers to place as you'd like.

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Mary Poppins Disneybound Ensemble
She's practically perfect in every way! This set of "everyday clothes" is a complete head turner wherever she goes but is especially perfect for an outing to the Disney parks. We love it for hot weather because of the sleeveless blouse and the hat to keep the sun off. This set INCLUDES the blouse (with cute red bow), skirt, gloves and hat. And check out that blouse! The lace, dainty bow and pearl buttons are reminiscent of most traveling nannies these days. It's our favorite Disneybounding outfit...clothes (not costumes) paired together to emulate your favorite characters!

Wendy Darling Ensemble
For her last night in the nursery...we've chosen this long, lovely dress. It's not a nightgown, and not a costume. It's a Disneybounding outfit: Clothes and accessories paired together to emulate your favorite characters! Now she can be Wendy Moira Angela Darling wherever she wears it. But her favorite piece is going to be the locket on the chain around her neck that shows Peter, Wendy, John and Michael stopping to rest on Big Ben in London. She can open it up and store pictures or little treasures. This outfit includes the Dress (love the sash that ties in the back), the Locket and the Hairbow (on a clip). Sizing tip: The dress is long so pay attention to the length measurements. It also doesn't have the stretch that our princess dresses have so you'll want to get size that will fit best in the middle.

Sea Witch Dress Up with Tiara
This is the witch you love to hate! I mean she did give the Little Mermaid her human legs. Well there is nothing to hate about this dress and everything to love! For starters, that isn't glitter all over the dress, it's actually bright specs and starbursts printed right onto the fabric. Did you know we hate shedding glitter? We do. What we love is soft fabrics and beautiful colors. Just look at the purple color blends in the skirt of the dress! The whole thing is machine washable with apparel-quality durability. Tiara included.