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Ice Queen Twirl Dress for Dolls
Doll not included.

Ice Queen Twirl Dress for Dolls

by Little Adventures
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A mini Ice Queen Twirl dress for your own little princess to twirl with her doll! We love that it's stretchy with velcro so her little fingers can do all the dressing. It's made to fit most 18" dolls including American Girls dolls (and even Cabbage Patch and teddy bears). Doll not included. The dress is durable and washable...as all kids things should be! And for mom, no shedding glitter. You're welcome.

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Ice Queen Child and Doll Dress Set
Order the Ice Queen Child and Doll Dresses together to receive a discount. In this set you receive 10% off the regular prices of buying them separately. They are both washable and durable and easy to put on and take off. And the best part? No shedding glitter! It's made to fit 18" dolls (and most smaller baby dolls and stuffed animals as well). Doll, Tiara and Shoes not included. Doll, Tiara and Shoes not included.

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Silver Ice Queen Soft Tiara
The final touch to our Ice Queen dress is this beautiful silver, foam crown. It has an elastic strap for a secure, comfortable fit and there is no plastic to break or bother her. It is adorned with a solitaire silver gem in the middle. One size fits most age 3-8. It's Coronation Day!!!

Long Blue Ice Queen Gloves
Want to freeze anything? Your little Ice Queen will need these to keep her powers in check. The gloves have a whimsical silver design, that can be washed and worn without a care. They are made to withstand lots of playtime and many "off and ons" as your queen decides when to use her powers. And although they are shimmery, there is no glitter to shed all over. One size fits most ages 3-8. They are 14.25 inches long (to the tip of the middle finger).