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Retired-Frozen Queen Elsa Replica
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Retired-Frozen Queen Elsa Replica
review 155 Customer Review(s)
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Questions about this item? Ask here. Questions about this item? Ask here. (See 19 Questions)
This gorgeous Frozen inspired Elsa dress is extremely soft! We love that the train is long yet manageable...just the right length for a little queen! The blue sheer train crosses the back from underarm to underarm. You can expect this dress to be made with the same quality, comfort and washability as ALL of the dress ups available at our store. And NO, it won't shed any glitter!
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Size Options
Small (age 1-3, size 2-3, length 25"in
Medium (age 3-5, size 4-6, length 30in)
Large (age 5-7, size 6-8, length 35in)
Large Plus (waist 26in chest 27in length 35in)
X-Large (age 7-9, size 8-10, length 38in)
Add Fullness Slip
Small Slip (size 2T-4T) [+$7.99]
Medium Slip (size 4-6) [+$7.99]
Large Slip (size 6-8) [+$7.99]
X-Large Slip (size 8-10) [+$7.99]
Add Matching Accessories
Long Blue Gloves [+$7.99]
Silver Frozen Inspired Tiara [+$4.99]
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  • Washable-Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No Zippers, Velcro Closures or Buttons-Easy to dress/undress. Nothing to snag fabric.
  • Stretch Fabric-Accommodates a variety of sizes.
  • Durable, Quality Fabric and Trims-Made to last.
  • Comfortable-No itchy fabrics or trims.
  • Have a Question About This Item? You ask and we answer!

    Questions about this item? Ask here. Questions about this item? Ask here.
    Questions and Answers View all Q&A
    Q: Wondered when you might get the small in again? We are going to Disneyworld the end of May. Thanks so much!
    Asked by: Sandy
    A: This design is being retired unfortunately. We have a beautiful Satin version that will be available later in 2016 but not in time for your trip.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My daughter is 2 1/2 and wears a size 2-3 in shirts depending on the length. She can only wear leggings because she is too skinny for jeans. She is 37 inches tall. I want her to be able to wear this dress as long as possible but don't want the dress swallowing her. Would a small or medium be best for her?
    Asked by: Shaunese
    A: I would suggest the Small. Medium will be quite long and she will step on it and damage the seams. It will also be quite loose on her. The small will fit very nicely. And although it will get shorter on her over the next year or two, it will still be cute and fit her well around the middle.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: I am looking to order a dress for my daughter who is 20 months old now and 33.5" tall and 24 lbs. Would a small work for her and likely still fit for Halloween next year? She is not turning 2 until July. Thanks!
    Asked by: Mary
    A: What a great question. Our size small is for ages 1-3. So that would be the perfect size for your little princess.

    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My daughter measures 36" from the shoulder and is 46" tall what size would you recommend?
    Asked by: Shanah
    A: Thank you for her shoulder to floor measurement...that is the best way to ensure a good fit. Based on that, I would recommend the Large. It is 35" long and will reach just to the top of her feet. This is assuming she fits in the size 6-8 range.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My daughter is 41/2. She weighs 40lbs and 40 in tall. I want her to be able to wear the dress for Halloween and possibly her birthday. Should I order a medium or large?
    Asked by: cheryl
    A: I would suggest holding a measuring tape at her shoulder and pulling down to 30" and 35". Whichever length looks better on her would be the right size for you.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My 3yr old daughter is almost 38" tall, but Her waist/chest is only 18/19". I want her to get some use out of this dress but not look swamped by it for Halloween. She is about 29" shoulder to floor. I was thinking about getting a medium dress with a small slip to help with the length, but am concerned it will overwhelm her. What do you recommend? Also, with and early Oct. ship date, is the risk of being late for Halloween minimal?
    Asked by: Ginny Herrick
    A: That is perfect wording: "the risk of being late for Halloween IS minimal". We are hoping to actually have them late in Sep. but are displaying a conservative date of "early Oct." to be safe. Although the Medium will be a little loose for her on top, I think you will be much happier with the length of the Medium.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My daughter is 6 1/2 yrs old, but she is very small for her age - 31 lbs and 42 in tall. Do you think the medium would fit or be too short? I'm afraid the large may be big. I do want it to last though but don't want her swimming in it. ???
    Asked by: tina
    A: Based on the weight and height you gave, she falls into the size Medium range of our size chart. However, the BEST rule of thumb is always to determine size based on shoulder to floor height. A Medium is 30" long and a Large is 35" long. Hang a measuring tape from her shoulder to see just how long each size will be on her.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My 5 year old is tall for her age (95th percentile). She wears size 7/8. Shirts in this size fit great but pants are a little long. What size would you recommend? She's not a thin girl but not chubby either.
    Asked by: Amy
    A: Based on "size", you have a choice between 6-8 and 8-10. The XL (8-10) will give her more room to grow. The question is: Is she tall enough for XL? Measure her from the shoulder down to see where the dresses will reach on her. Large is 35" long and XL is 38" long. Feel free to call if you need any more help with sizing. 800-738-8156
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My daughter is 40 pounds and 33 inches from her shoulder to bottom of her foot. We want the dress to last for a while, but she will be wearing it for Halloween so we don't want it to be so big that she trips on it. What size would you recommend for the Elsa dress and also for the slip?
    Asked by: Bonnie
    A: In your situation, I would choose the Large for my daughter. I think your girl is just tall enough to be able to wear it. And the fullness slip will lift it slightly as well (get the Large slip).
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My kiddo is in a 4T in shirts, dresses, and pant length but has a super tiny waist...I assume the medium size is the way to go for the dress? I am wondering about the slip....since her waist is so tiny I worry that the size 4-6 will be too big...but would the smaller one be too short? this is for should I base slip size on length or waist? Hope my question makes sense! Thank you :)
    Asked by: Amyk
    A: Great question! You're probably safest to size the slip based on her waist. It won't look funny if the slip is shorter than the dress.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff

    Customer Reviews

    View All Reviews (155) | Write a Review Write a Review
    Rating Incredibly durable
    I bought this dress for my then 2 year old. It has had TWO AND A HALF YEARS of tough use. She wears it to the grocery store, the playground, play dates, etc. It gets HARD use and still after 2.5 of the worst she can dish out the only problem is that the sequins are falling off a bit in the back. It's incredibly stretchy and though it once reached the floor and is now several inches too short, it still "fits" Finally coming back to buy another copy in a larger size.
    Reviewed by:
    Rating LUV IT
    I luv this dress! I got it 4 my daughter and she won't take it off!!!!1
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Perfect
    My little princess loves this Elsa dress. She is a kid with some sensory issues and really REALLY doesn't like anything itchy or weird feeling. The fabrics of this dress are very soft and cozy. The dress captures the sparkle and shimmer of Elsa while still being durable enough to endure 2 year old's play time.
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Love this dress!!!
    My daughter just turned 4 and is tall for her age. She's 42" and I ordered the Large and it fits her perfect! She wears it everywhere and I love that I can let her because these dresses wash amazingly. We have a handful of other dresses from here and we are so pleased with them all! Thank you for having such comfy dresses for my little princess that I can wash and not have to worry!:)
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Perfect Elsa Dress
    This Elsa dress was perfect for my little girl. The quality, as with all the dresses here, is so nice and not itchy at all. We went to Disney Land and everyone treated her like Queen Elsa. The dress was even shipped out the same day so that my little princess would have her dress in time for Disney Land.
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Awesome
    Great stuff , these outfits are holding up very well , trampoline and all ........
    Reviewed by:

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