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Red Foam Lightsaber
Red Foam Lightsaber

Red Foam Lightsaber

by Little Adventures
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This Red Foam Laser Weapon will be an intergalactic hit. You will want to plan on many battles being forged (and won) within your home. This foam saber is the perfect addition to our Galactic Villain Cloak (suitable for those wishing to join the dark side). The saber is made of flat, durable foam that is about 1" thick then 24" long and very sturdy.
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Light Side Galactic Brown Robe
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Dark Side Galactic Black Robe
This Cloak is a must for any true fan in your house...if you want him joining the dark side. This robe has lots of little details, from the belt to the red lining of the hood. This would be a great item paired with our Red Foam Laser Weapon. Prepare for many galactic wars to be fought in your home!

Black Cloak with Hood
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