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Fabric Butterfly Wings
Fabric Butterfly Wings

Fabric Butterfly Wings

by Little Adventures
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Beautiful cape for beautiful play and dancing. Wear the finger loops over your fingers for a fun wingspan. Soft, silky fabrics for spinning and fluttering.

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Fabric Owl Wings
Bring imagination to life with these durable (fabric quality) wings. They're easy to put on with a Velcro closure and easy finger loops for a fun wingspan.

Reversible Butterfly "Color a Costume" with Markers
These dazzling wings offered in this Color-A-Costume Butterfly set will give her hours to spend creating her own little masterpiece. With this set, you will receive gems to stick on, 8 markers and a whimsical set of wings to decorate and color. The reverse side is made of satin to be worn either way. Hours and hours of fun await so get ready to giggle! It is machine washable. Note: the colors may fade in the wash allowing more coloring opportunity!

Fabric Unicorn Wings
Can unicorns fly? This is hotly debated at our house. Or is it only a pegasus? Play either with these wings made of lightweight, silky fabric. The ends attach with a finger loop to her hands so she can dance and twirl and fly.