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Butterfly Cinderella Doll Dress
Doll not included.

Butterfly Cinderella Doll Dress

by Little Adventures
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Don't overlook the fabulous, iridescent butterfly that perfectly complements the butterflies printed on the China silk fabric. The fabric on the skirt and neckline is our favorite part! It shines in rainbow magnificence without any glitter. The dress has Velcro in the back so it's easy for a girl to dress her doll. Mom, you'll love the "no-glitter" design and the durability of this well-made gown. And best of all, it's completely machine washable (because dolly gets messy too)! This fits perfectly on 18" American Girl Dolls and most other dolls (baby dolls, Cabbage Patch dolls). It even fits on teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Doll not included.

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DELUXE Butterfly Cinderella Dress
This beautiful dress is made by a fairy godmother! The little shimmery butterflies are perfect...and there's no glitter! I love all the shimmer on that skirt...do you see it? Little tiny sparkle spots.