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Blue Spider Cape with Reversible Mask
Blue Spider Cape with Reversible Mask

Blue Spider Cape with Reversible Mask

by Little Adventures
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We all ran around in hero capes as kids...If your little 2 legged Spider loves to dress up, this quality cape and reversible mask may be just right. It is washable for mom and comfortable for him. You'll notice the quality in the blue velvet and full lining. Oh and parents love the velcro closure so he can put it on by himself and stay safe if it catches on anything. Add in that it's guaranteed to be durable and you've got the perfect pretend play cape. 24" long from shoulder down.

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Spiderman Cape with Mask and Wristcuffs
Check out the neck on this Spiderman inspired cape! We love that it's fashioned like a collar to transfer the weight of the cape evenly all around. Looks pretty comfortable! Your spider boy won't want to take it off with that kind of comfort and the fun of saving the world. The cape is made of 2 pieces of satin with a web printed red side and blue on the reverse. The embroidered mask and 2 wrist cuffs are included as well!

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