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Create Your Own Pretend Play Set of 3 Costumes
Create Your Own Pretend Play Set of 3 Costumes

Create Your Own Pretend Play Set of 3 Costumes

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Girl and Boy's Pretend Play costumes are available in threes! For buying them together you'll get a special price. Choose any combination of Superhero, Career, Knight costumes and more

Select an option below to see more images of available products. All of dress ups in this set are perfect for ages 3-6+. In general, they are One Size Fits Most. (But if an item is available in more than one size, we will include a size 4-6 or 5-6 with this order. Call for substitutes or questions).
Availability: Styles/sizes that are sold out may not show up as choices. Questions call 800-738-8156.


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Beauty Salon Apron
Quick and easy pretend play without getting undressed. Use it to play a hairstylist or do some cooking!

Our Best Selling Princesses Bundle Set
Not sure what dresses your little princess would love most? We can help! We've put together this fabulous set of our most popular, best selling dress up costumes. This dress up set includes a Fullness Slip that can be worn under each of the 4 dresses for extra princess puffiness. Also included is our Beauty (a top seller for 15 years), our Short Sleeve Rapunzel (a brand new fave), our Cinderella (always at the top) and our Ice Queen (who sailed to stardom in 2014). You can't go wrong with this set. The dresses have no velcro or zippers to frustrate your little one or snag the fabric. She can easily put them on and take them off herself as the bodices are made of a very stretchy fabric. This not only helps with ease of dressing, but also to accommodate a variety of sizes. You'll love that they are all washable, comfortable and won't shed glitter!
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