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These are not only adorable but they are also comfortable! She can cartwheel, jump rope, tumble in the grass, and never worry about her underthings showing! ...with dainty lace trim, she'll WANT her bloomers to show! They're perfect peeking out of our Day Dresses. The bloomers have a soft elastic waistband and more comfy elastic cinching to make ruffles at the lace bottoms! Zoom in and see how cute.

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Classic Fullness Slip
This ingenious slip adds fullness without sacrificing comfort. The unique polypropylene fabric is soft and supple yet keeps a full, rounded shape. This removes the need for bulky, itchy tulle as it adds fullness in one layer while remaining comfy and shapely. It's its own separate piece (not sewn in) so you can buy 1 and wear it under any of our dresses!

S, M, L, XL do not describe the amount of "fullness" but instead, are size options. Choose the same slip size as you do dress size to get the right length. The elastic waist will accommodates a variety of sizes and the tulle can be trimmed if needed.

Alice in Wonderland Dress for Child and Doll
With both of these Alice in Wonderland dresses in your house, Alice really can be both BIG and small sized. What a fun way for kids to play-act the adventures in the rabbit hole…going to tea parties and talking to caterpillars. It's made to fit 18" dolls (and most smaller baby dolls and stuffed animals as well). Enjoy that they are washable, comfortable and durable with NO shedding glitter. Doll not included.

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Lady Cambria Child and Doll Dress Set
Choose some mesmerizing matching Renaissance dresses for your lady and her dolly! Hover over the image so you can see all the close-up details of the beautiful fabric! We love the panel look of the skirts with alternating swirls and solids, separated by pretty white pinstripes. These dresses are such a beautiful shade of pink that just never gets overbearing. The doll dress fits perfectly on the 18" American Girl Dolls and most other smaller dolls (including Cabbage Patch). Your little princess just might even put it on her teddy bear or other stuffed animals. Doll not included. As always, these are washable, durable, comfortable and glitter-free!

$48.99 $41.64 Sale