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Ballerina with Ballet Shoes and Tiara

Ballerina with Ballet Shoes and Tiara

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This Ballerina dress up with Ballet Shoes by Melissa and Doug is for the girl who’s always dreamed of dancing across the stage in Swan Lake or The Nutcracker. The ballerina costume comes with adjustable ballet shoes and a crown...all she’ll need is her beautiful smile. The bodice and separate ballerina trunks are made from stretchy crushed velvet with a soft tulle layered skirt and pink lace sleeve ruffles. We love that the bodice and trunks are separate for more size variability and for those quick trips to the potty! And BONUS- this won't shed any glitter at all!

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Ballerina Princess Dress with Tiara
Our ballerina princess dress features a soft tulle tutu attached to a stretchy bodice, a princess emblem and super-soft, stretchy straps. And the adorable Tiara is included! This princess is set to make the world pretty, in pink. As always, it's washable, durable, comfortable and glitter free!

Create Your Own Pretend Play Set of 3 Costumes
Girl and Boy's Pretend Play costumes are available in threes! For buying them together you'll get a special price. Choose any combination of Superhero, Career, Knight costumes and more

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Princess Shoe Collection
This is the FIRST EVER shoe collection you've seen from us because we hate the usual ones from the big box stores. But this is not those. These shoes are really, really durable and won't come apart in pieces. We like to say, "Shoes that won't break and won't break the bank!". They have nice solid soles and pretty adornments that stay put. She'll wear them confidently for playtime - the rubber soles resist slips and the durable construction will stand up to adventure after delightful adventure. It's a great mix of heels and a soft slipper pair in all the colors for her princess dress collection. Fits ages 3-5.

Pediatric Nurse
This Nurse's set comes with the squeeziest baby doll ever! We're just in love with the rag doll's face stitching and yarn hair. When your little nurse dresses up in the "scrubs" top he or she can use all the little play tools that come with it to take care of the baby. A name tag for your nurse is included as well.

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