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Ariel Shoes
Ariel Shoes

Ariel Shoes

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Ariel has just learned to walk and she'll need some Durable, Comfortable shoes to walk out of the ocean! You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that these aren't the clunky plastic shoes that you've seen hanging out at big stores. These are flexible and comfy. Think sparkly jelly shoes only thicker and more pliable. We love that the strap on the back can be tightened to just the right fit...allowing for growth and easy dancing. Even the soft buckle that holds the strap is flexible and easy for kids. Approx. ages 4-6. Based on feedback, we think these fit on size 11 and bigger.

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Little Mermaid 2-Piece Dress Up
This wonderful two-piece mermaid costume has a shimmery purple bodice with China silk ruffles at the shoulders and waist. The iridescent green stretch skirt is easy to walk in and the light green China silk ruffle completes the mermaid fin. Skirt is trimmed with green sequin. Both the bodice and skirt are stretchy to accommodate most body sizes. Bonus, this will not shed ANY glitter!

Little Mermaid Wig
Dinglehopper anyone? Ariel can't take care of her wig without one! This wig is amazingly thick (just like the picture). It is the perfect size for a child and a great addition to any Little Mermaid costume.