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Angel Nativity Costume
Angel includes gown, belt, headband (halo) and wings.

Angel Nativity Costume

by Little Adventures
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This sweet angel consists of a long white robe with a stretchy gold sequin belt and matching headband. The white and gold wings are also included. The robe is made of washable and durable stretch velvet.

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Includes wings, dress, headband and belt
Complete Nativity Dress Up 9 Piece Costume Set
Put on your very own Christmas Pageant with this beautiful Nativity Dress Up Costume Set. Includes full costume for each: Mary, Joseph, 1 Shepherd, 3 Wisemen, Angel, Sheep and a Donkey. Each costume comes complete with matching accessories pictured. A cherished set to use year after year at Grandma’s house or for your church or school nativity. A wonderful way to involve your children in the true spirit of Christmas. One size fits most sizes 3-8.

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Mary Nativity Costume
Mary's dress and headwrap are made of soft, stretchy and comfortable fabrics. This nativity dress up is completely washable and best on ages 3-8.

DISCONTINUED Mary, Joseph and Angel Nativity Set
Mary, Joseph and Angel nativity set comes complete with angel wings, headpieces, headbands and belts. It’s made with soft, stretchy fabrics making it possible for an adjustable fit for most children ages 3-8 years. Great for year after year use and for helping children to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Super comfortable and machine washable.
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3 Piece Nativity Dress Up Costumes Set
Customize your own Christmas pageant with a choice of three washable and comfortable Nativity Dress Up Costumes! Your choices include: Mary, Joseph, Angel, Shepherd, Lamb, Donkey and 3 different Wisemen. Each costume comes complete with the matching accessories pictured. (Angel costume includes wings and halo, each wiseman includes a unique headpiece etc.) Create a set with just the right combination of characters and purchase multiple sets for the right number of costumes for the little actors at Grandma’s house or your church or school Christmas program. A wonderful way to involve your children in a living nativity. For ages 3-8.
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Purple Wiseman Nativity Costume
This Wiseman costume is washable and comfortable and consists of a long purple and white robe with trims and a matching stretchy headband.