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Red Hero Wrist Cuffs and Belt Set
Mask and Cape Sold Separately

Red Hero Wrist Cuffs and Belt Set

by Little Adventures
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This Red Wrist Cuff and Belt Set would be a great addition to our hero capes. This amazing set comes with two wrist cuffs and one hero belt. You’ll feel like a real hero when wearing this comfortable satin lined set.

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Create Your Own 3 Cape Set with Matching Masks
Choose from our quality capes to create this discounted set. You can give them all to one lucky child or split them between friends, siblings or cousins! Our capes have velcro closures at the neck which are easy for a child to manage and will come apart if the cape should catch on something. All are washable and lined with a satiny fabric. And most important for a hero, they are guaranteed to be durable. Each cape includes a coordinating and reversible mask!

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American Hero Cape with Reversible Mask
This hero cape is ideal for any young captain who wants to save America...and it includes the Reversible Mask! It is easy for boys and girls to put on and take off with the velcro closures. There are no ties or snaps to frustrate little fingers. The velcro allows it to easily open if the cape is snagged, keeping your little one safe from choking. The washable American Hero cape is made of red velvet and is lined with china silk. 24" in length from shoulder down.

Blue Spider Cape with Reversible Mask
We all ran around in hero capes as kids...If your little 2 legged Spider loves to dress up, this quality cape and reversible mask may be just right. It is washable for mom and comfortable for him. You'll notice the quality in the blue velvet and full lining. Oh and parents love the velcro closure so he can put it on by himself and stay safe if it catches on anything. Add in that it's guaranteed to be durable and you've got the perfect pretend play cape. 24" long from shoulder down.

Blue and Red Hero Power Shield
This Blue and Red Hero Power Shield is an ideal addition to our hero capes. You’ll be defending the city in no time with this power shield complete with the perfect hero design on the front!