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Frozen Princess Anna Replica
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Frozen Princess Anna Replica
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Questions about this item? Ask here. Questions about this item? Ask here. (See 6 Questions)
This AMAZING Princess Anna Replica Dress is by far the prettiest one I've seen (Disney at Halloween offered a good sampling) and definitely the softest one that's been through my fingers. What I love most about this dress (besides the style which you can see for yourself) is how stretchy and forgiving the fabric/cut is, allowing her to play and dance freely. When it arrives to you, you know it will have the same durability, comfort and washability that you expect from our store. We guarantee it!
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Size Options
Small (age 1-3, size 2-3, length 25in)
Medium (age 3-5, size 4-6, length 30in)
Large (age 5-7, size 6-8, length 35in)
Large Plus (waist 26in chest 27in length 35in)
X-Large (age 7-9, size 8-10, length 38in)
Tween XS (age 9-11 size 10 length 43in)
Add Matching Accessories
Gold Frozen Inspired Soft Crown [+$4.99]
Blue and Gold Jewelry Set [+$11.99]
Add Fullness Slip
Small Slip (size 2T-4T) [+$7.99]
Medium Slip (size 4-6) [+$7.99]
Large Slip (size 6-8) [+$7.99]
X-Large Slip (size 8-10) [+$7.99]
Add Magenta Cloak
Small/Medium (age 3-5 size 4-6, 25.5" long) [+$24.99]
Large/X-Large (age 5-9 size 6-10, 35.5" long) [+$24.99]
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  • Washable-Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No Zippers, Velcro Closures or Buttons-Easy to dress/undress. Nothing to snag fabric.
  • Stretch Fabric-Accommodates a variety of sizes.
  • Durable, Quality Fabric and Trims-Made to last.
  • Comfortable-No itchy fabrics or trims.
  • Have a Question About This Item? You ask and we answer!

    Questions about this item? Ask here. Questions about this item? Ask here.
    Questions and Answers
    Q: when will your Anna dress size small be back in stock? My daughters birthday is march 5th so I'm in a hurry to get it.
    Asked by: Alyssa
    A: This exact style of Anna dress has been discontinued. So we aren't able to get this dress in size small anymore, they sold out very quickly. However, we will have a Satin Anna coming out late summer 2016, it's going to be absolutely stunning. We also have the new Anna Coronation dress that was just released.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: My daughter has eczema and can only wear cotton. What material is this dress?
    Asked by: Kristin
    A: The material on this dress is polyester. The top is crushed velvet and the skirt is made with china silk.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: Can you make the anna costume in 6-12 months???!!!
    Asked by: Jen
    A: We do not make our costumes-they are purchased already made.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: Adorable dress. Are there any plans for a Princess Anna ball gown?
    Asked by: ism
    A: No plans in the works right now. But with the popularity of the other dresses, it's very possible for the future.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: Is there a pink cape to go with the dress?
    Asked by: Lynn
    A: This Deluxe Pink Cloak was not specifically made for the Anna character but we think it is adorable with the dress! It is bright pink instead of magenta.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff
    Q: I am thinking of getting the medium which has a length of 30", is that from shoulder to bottom of skirt?
    Asked by: Maria
    A: Yes, the length of 30" for Medium is from the shoulder to the bottom. If you measure your daughter from the shoulder down, you will see where it will hit her in length.
    Answer provided by:  Little Dress Up Shop Staff

    Customer Reviews

    View All Reviews (60) | Write a Review Write a Review
    Rating My purchase has been Fabulous!
    My purchase has been fabulous--my grandchild had to have some quite miserable eye surgery and she is barely 5 and she wouldn't open either eye for 4 days and nights. I took the dress to her and she held it against her face and smiled. When she agreed to get dressed she wore the dress and wears it ALL the time and it is just important how well it washes because my daughter is a clean freak!
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Great for Sensitive Kids
    My little girl is almost 2 and has a little bit of sensory issues. She doesn't like different feelings and textures so I was worried she would hate any costume. As soon as her Anna dress arrived, we watched Frozen wearing it and she didn't want to take it off. She loved it. The material is very soft and satiny. The bodice is velvety. The dress really is a great quality. We already bought the Elsa...
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Great dress
    My daughter love, love, loves this dress! She switches between Elsa and Anna's dresses all day long! When she wears it out into public she always gets compliments and I ALWAYS recommend this website. I have been so happy with customer service, quality and great deals! My daughter is taller for her age and these dresses just are perfect! I'm so glad I found this site a couple years ago! Thank you!
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Great dress!
    My daughter loves her Anna dress! It is nice, comfy and looks so cute! The quality is really great!
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Excellent Customer Service!
    The first dress we received, the arm got a pull in the fabric the first day our daughter wore it. I did not complain, but mentioned a "minor" pull in a review that I wrote. Immediately, someone from the company contacted me and asked for a picture of the pull. They said it was definitely below their high standards and they shipped me a replacement dress immediately! This new dress has not gotten a single pull, and is as beautiful weeks later as it was when it arrived. I highly recommend this company and their products!
    Reviewed by:
    Rating Wonderful!
    This is excellent quality, very comfortable and beautiful. My daughter loves it!
    Reviewed by:

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